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    October 28, 2022

    Forward-Think Your Upgrade Plan With a Broadcom Support Pre-Event Review

    Broadcom Support Managers Shannon Hebert and Jose Davila reveal how a free, expert Broadcom Pre-Event Review can take the risk out of your planned upgrade.

    Sometimes, you pay a high price for ignoring free support advice.

    One leading financial services organization found this out the hard way. A software upgrade scheduled to take place during the weekend quickly ran into difficulties. An install start-up file was missing a variable. With no variable in place, the installer failed, and the workload automation system became unavailable. The result? A four-hour outage.

    As every operations professional knows, any outage is unacceptable. A four-hour outage can feel like a lifetime, especially when the CXO is calling you over the weekend for an explanation of the problem and highlighting the downstream damage to the customer experience, compliance, and brand reputation.

    It doesn’t need to be this way. Broadcom Support recently introduced an innovative Pre-Event Review for Broadcom Automation customers. The expert service is designed to help you manage planned upgrades or other changes seamlessly, providing an extra set of expert eyes on your upcoming plan – all geared to removing the risk from planned changes.

    Whether the change is large or small, Broadcom Support is here to help. Every type of change is accommodated, including:

    • A minor upgrade to your database or network
    • An update to a latest operating system
    • A product upgrade

    Help Us to Help You

    Like any upgrade program, Pre-Event Review all comes down to forward planning. We simply ask you to send Broadcom Support your detailed Upgrade Plan in advance as a Severity 4 ticket. We need time to review and you need time to adapt your plan to any recommendations, so you should supply the plan at least two weeks prior to your upgrade.

    Our highly experienced and skilled team of Support Engineers will review your Upgrade Plan in microscopic detail. They will check for gaps or errors that may jeopardize the upgrade, suggesting recommendations where appropriate to ensure every process and all the people are aligned to deliver an on-schedule, successful upgrade. In rare instances when problems are identified in the plan, they may even recommend you postpone the upgrade.

    Broadcom Support is committed to helping its customers succeed. That’s why this service is completely free. There are no catches or hidden contract clauses. Whatever the use case, the support is without charge.

    Every customer can participate too. The service covers the entire Broadcom Automation portfolio from Automic Automation and AutoSys Workload Automation, through to Dollar Universe Workload Automation dSeries and AppWorx.

    Our research shows that in 99% of instances where customers have collaborated with Broadcom Support on their upcoming upgrades, the subsequent deployment has been successful.

    Advice from the Experts

    Our Support Engineers understand the automation environment inside-out. They talk to hundreds of customers every month about support enquiries, upgrades, and other topics. They are familiar with most automation architectures and speak your language. Ultimately, the more experts you have looking at your plan, the smaller chance of something going wrong. It can also prevent you from repeating past mistakes.

    Broadcom Support Pre-Event Review runs in parallel to our free Production Upgrade Weekend events. During these events, Broadcom Support is on-hand during specified weekends to help you quickly overcome any unexpected roadblocks you might come up against during your production upgrade. Several highly successful Upgrade Weekend events ran in 2022, with more planned in 2023.

    You can use the Pre-Event Review simply by logging a Sev 4 ticket through the support portal. The more time you give us to study your plan, the more advice we can provide.

    Jose Davila

    Jose Davila is a Senior Manager with 30+ years of experience in Support Operations. For the past 13 years, he has worked alongside senior leadership and peers at Broadcom specializing in setting up and managing multiple product support teams to provide world class support for our customers. Jose uses his positive...

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