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    Automation Analytics & Intelligence

    Turn Critical Workloads Data Into Business Insights and Drive Improvements

    Adaptive intelligence and predictive analytics for workload automation drive improvements in your IT Operations, your digital transformation journey, and your business success. Utilize the only single-pane-of-glass solution on the market across multiple vendors and applications, spanning both mainframe and distributed environments.

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    Deliver a Better Service

    Workload automation analytics provide your business with service-level assurance, critical-path management, and enterprise-wide visibility into your business-critical applications.
    • Improved understanding of batch impact due to failures, latency, and operator error
    • Gain the visibility you need to manage value streams end-to-end and optimize costs, align execution to strategy, and prioritize strategic initiatives
    • Optimize customers’ experiences by using AI-driven insights to detect and resolve issues faster, and to prevent them from occurring in the first place

    Learning Paths for AAI

    Level up your expertise and make the most of your Broadcom investment with dedicated learning paths composed of the most relevant resources and courses for your role.

    Getting Started with Automation Analytics & Intelligence for AutoSys

    Discover how AAI improves service delivery, how to download and install, and ...


    How to Use Automation Analytics & Intelligence

    Learn the benefits and business value of Automic Automation Intelligence (AAI) ...

    Read the latest AAI Resources

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    Demonstration of Web UI in Automation Analytics & Intelligence 6.5

    This demo of AAI 6.5 includes jobstream performance by Business Areas, new at-a-glance views of SLA status, jobstream performance, and critical paths.


    The Change Simulation You Need to Protect Your SLAs

    Gaining an understanding of how changes will affect workload automation SLAs is critical for optimal service delivery.


    AAI: Advanced Analytics for Workload Automation

    Broadcom’s Automation Analytics and Intelligence (AAI) provides observability, advanced SLA management and automation intelligence for workload automation.


    Automation Intelligence Reduces Job Failure Incidents by 60% for a Top 10 Global Financial Institution

    A large financial services organization uses AAI to gain visibility across schedulers and improve SLA compliance.


    Investment Management Firm Uses Automation Intelligence to Optimize Workload Automation and Improve Service Delivery

    Read this case study to find out how an investment management firm uses Broadcom's Automation solutions to manage complex workloads.


    From Scheduler to Automation Fabric for the Enterprise: Workload Automation Transformation in 2023

    This research explores the changing role of workload automation software as enterprises continue to deploy and mature digitally transformed processes.


    Automation Intelligence: The Path to Transformative Automation

    Read the white paper by EMA Research about how automation intelligence and AAI fit into the automation maturity model.


    AAI: A Practical Guide to a Successful Implementation

    Discover best practices for ensuring a successful AAI implementation and sets the stage for improved workload automation service delivery.


    Automation Analytics & Intelligence 6.4.4: New Web UI Functionality

    See a demo of the new Web UI functionality released in AAI 6.4.4.

    Dive into free courses for AAI

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    Getting Started With AAI For AutoSys

    This self-paced course for Automation Analytics & Intelligence for AutoSys is a comprehensive introduction to Automation Analytics & Intelligence (AAI) for AutoSys.


    Getting Started with AAI for Automic Automation

    This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Automation Analytics & Intelligence (AAI) for Automic Automation.


    AAI - Web UI Reporting

    AAI has superior reporting capabilities that provide insights into every aspect of your workload automation environments. There are two major types of reports, the client reports and the Web UI...


    AAI: An Overview

    This course is a high level overview of Automation Analytics & Intelligence (AAI) that introduces you to AAI's main functions, its architecture, lifecycle, user interfaces and navigation. It also...


    AAI: Automation Analytics Management

    The purpose of this course is to give solution managers (business area coordinators, jobstream administrators and so on) the tools you need to configure Automation Analytics & Intelligence (AAI).


    AAI: Operations Management

    As an Automation Analytics & Intelligence (AAI) operator, you ensure that the daily batch processes (jobstreams in AAI) in your organization run smoothly. AAI provides you with the functions you need...


    AAI: Installation and Initial Configuration

    This three-hour self-paced, video-based course outlines the various technical components that make up the AAI solution.


    AAI Integrations: Automic Automation and Control-M

    This course explains AAI's connector framework for distributed environments, namely, Automic Automation and Control-M. Both integrations are identical but for the way in which AAI acquires the...


    AAI Integrations: AutoSys

    This course provides an overview of the AAI integrations and focuses specifically on AutoSys. It addresses administrator users in charge of implementing the AAI / AutoSys integration.

    Read the latest blogs on AAI

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    Top 5 Questions About AAI’s New Web UI and How It Benefits Your Workload Automation

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    Maximizing Efficiency: How SOAP Can Transform Your Enterprise Automation Strategy

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