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    DX Operational Intelligence

    Empower IT Operations With Actionable Insights

    DX Operational Intelligence helps organizations benefit from the perpetual growth in application-infrastructure-network monitoring data and manage complex IT environments. Better use of rich IT data helps your teams improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer experience, and adapt more quickly to evolving business demands with less risk.

    Harness Data From Multiple Sources

    Leverage IT operational data from Broadcom, third party and open-source systems for end-to-end observability across the digital delivery chain. Empower your teams with actionable insights to efficiently manage modern, complex, and dynamic environments at-scale.
    • Service observability to monitor and manage health and performance of digital services
    • Centralized alarm management for superior insights, faster remediation, and greater overall efficiency
    • Dashboards and reports with in-context intelligence to drive cross-IT-domain collaboration and better alignment between business and IT

    Explore the latest DX OI resources

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    Best Practices and Design Principles for Building and Utilizing a DX Dashboard

    Provide accurate overviews of and insights into user experience, call users to action, and analyze the sources and root causes of degradations.


    DX Operational Intelligence: Get Ready for SaaS version 22.9.01

    Demos of SaaS v22.9.01 showcase important updates for SLI/SLO management, enhancing tickets with contextual detail, role-based access control, and more.


    How to Avoid Tradeoffs Between Security and the User Experience

    Learn what capabilities are needed to better measure the end-user experience and minimize the impact security has


    Are Networks Ready for Massive Scale Increases and New Technology?

    This global survey examines current network operations, current challenges, expected device growth, and what new technologies are planned for adoption.


    DX Operational Intelligence 21.3.1 - What's New

    Here's a look at everything that's new in the latest release of Broadcom's DX OI.


    Product Tutorial: Capacity Analytics in DX Operational Intelligence

    Get started with capacity planning in DX Operational Intelligence. Ensure your resources are sized correctly to meet current and future business needs.


    Product Tutorial: Configuring Anomaly Detection in DX Operational Intelligence

    This tutorial offers a step-by-step introduction to how teams can configure and then start using DX Operational Intelligence.


    DX Operational Intelligence SaaS 21.07.1 - What’s New

    Discover the new features and fixes rolled out in version 21.07.1 of DX Operational Intelligence SaaS.


    RESTMon 2.1 - Whats New

    Discover new features and integrations for version 2.1 of RESTMon.

    Dive into free courses for DX OI

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    DX Operational Intelligence: Tracking and Planning 200

    Learn about the tracking and planning use cases in the DX Operational Intelligence.


    DX Operational Intelligence: Dashboards Overview 200

    Learn how to collaborate all the data from the monitoring systems into a single pane of DX Dashboard. You will also learn about the architecture of DX Dashboards and view the process of creating your...


    DX Operational Intelligence: Triaging and Ticketing 200

    Learn about the triaging and ticketing features of AIOps.


    DX Operational Intelligence: Connector Overview 200

    Overview of the connectors that communicate with DX Operational Intelligence.


    DX Operational Intelligence: Post Install Configuration 200

    Learn how to configure and enable the capabilities of DX Operational Intelligence On-Premise after installation.


    DX Operational Intelligence: Platform Monitoring 200

    Learn about the various platform monitoring dashboards available in DX Operational Intelligence.


    DX Operational Intelligence: Architecture Overview 200

    Learn the high-level overview of the architecture for DX Operational Intelligence along with the features, and functions of Operational Intelligence.


    DX Operational Intelligence: Platform Tools Overview 200

    Learn about the AIOps architecture and the platform that powers DX Operational Intelligence.


    DX Operational Intelligence: Introduction 200

    Learn AIOps DX Operational Intelligence products offerings.

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