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    Automic SaaS

    Automic Automation, now available as SaaS

    Streamline Workload Automation and Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

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    Simplify workload automation and optimize TCO with Automic SaaS

    Unify automation, simplify orchestration and boost visibility with Automic SaaS. All the features and power of Automic Automation are now available in a SaaS solution, with no automation engine or database to manage, helping you tame TCO and free your valuable resources.
    • Unify Automation – Get automation coverage from mainframe to multi-cloud and microservices with centralized management and streamlined audit and regulatory compliance.

    • Simplify Orchestration – Built-in dashboards include reporting, analytics, service level management, and external data import capabilities. You get a secure repository of workload data and a huge marketplace of cloud and ERP integrations and action packs for technical workflows.

    • Boost Visibility – Get insight into dependencies and dynamically visualize the critical path. Identify root cause and forecast future bottlenecks. Use SLA management to set deadlines with forecasting for earlier risk analysis to workload... and much more.

    Learning Paths for Automic SaaS

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    Level up your expertise and make the most of your Broadcom investment with dedicated learning paths composed of the most relevant resources and courses for your role.

    Getting Started with Automic SaaS: All Roles

    Learn the basics of Automic SaaS with comprehensive courses on automation, web ...


    Automic SaaS Operators

    Explore the Automic SaaS Operators Learning Path to master object design, task ...

    Read the latest Automic SaaS Resources

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    Meet Automic SaaS

    Automic SaaS provides industry-leading automation with all the advantages of SaaS delivery. With Automic SaaS you can tame TCO and free your resources.


    Broadcom’s Launch of Automic SaaS: Riding the Wave of Transformation in Workload Automation

    Automic SaaS offers a seamless pathway for enterprises to automate and orchestrate modernized applications and accelerate their digital transformation.


    Getting Started with Automic SaaS

    Discover how Automic SaaS simplifies workload automation in hybrid environments. Join our webinar to learn how to reduce TCO and see a demo in action.


    Automic SaaS: Streamline Workload Automation and Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

    Optimize workload automation with Automic SaaS, a market-leading solution that streamlines operations and reduces costs.


    Why Enterprise Automation is the Key to Cloud Strategy Success

    This eBook explores how enterprise automation can help organizations optimize their cloud strategy and unify visibility and control – and ultimately speed digital transformation.


    Introducing Automic SaaS

    Discover the benefits of Automic SaaS, see a demo of installing an agent, and more in this introductory video.

    Dive into free courses for Automic SaaS

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    Read the latest blogs on Automic SaaS

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    Streamlining Business Operations: Automic Automation Certified with SAP for Seamless RISE Integration

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