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    Automic Automation

    Service Orchestration and Automation Platform (SOAPs)

    Orchestrate a complex and diverse landscape of applications, platforms and technologies in the cloud and on-premises, to deliver services effectively and efficiently to your business, accelerating your digital transformation and supporting the growth of your company.

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    Automate a Complex and Diverse Landscape of Applications, Platforms, and Technologies

    Automic Automation gives you the agility, speed and reliability required for effective digital business automation. Manage complex workflows across platforms, ERP systems, and business apps, streamline your big data pipelines, and deliver compute, network, and storage resources on-prem and in the cloud.
    • Manage complex workloads from microservices to the mainframe
    • Extend Automic Automation to control your cloud processing, acting as a "Manager of Managers"
    • Improve SLA delivery and lower Operational Costs
    • Prebuild remediations for Standard Operating Procedures and deligate execution through self-service

    Learning Paths for Automic Automation

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    Level up your expertise and make the most of your Broadcom investment with dedicated learning paths composed of the most relevant resources and courses for your role.

    Automic Automation: Developers and Object Designers

    Developers and object designers will be able to grow their critical Automic ...


    Automic Automation: Administrators

    With this learning path from Broadcom Software Academy, administrators of ...

    Read the latest Automic Automation Resources

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    Automic Automation Cloud Integrations: Amazon S3 Agent Integration

    Broadcom's Amazon S3 Agent Integration allows you to delegate and centralize file workloads to Automic Automation.


    Automic Automation Cloud Integrations: Kubernetes Agent Integration

    Broadcom's Kubernetes Agent Integration allows you to easily integrate Kubernetes jobs with your existing enterprise workload automation solution.


    Automic Automation Airflow Integration

    Learn about the benefits of Automic Automation Airflow integration and see how it works.


    AAI: Advanced Analytics for Workload Automation

    Broadcom’s Automation Analytics and Intelligence (AAI) provides observability, advanced SLA management and automation intelligence for workload automation.


    From Scheduler to Automation Fabric for the Enterprise: Workload Automation Transformation in 2023

    This research explores the changing role of workload automation software as enterprises continue to deploy and mature digitally transformed processes.


    Automation Intelligence: The Path to Transformative Automation

    Read the white paper by EMA Research about how automation intelligence and AAI fit into the automation maturity model.


    Securing Connections Between Automic Automation and PostgreSQL

    Here's an example of configuring the Database Server and Automic to secure connections between the Automation Engine and a PostgreSQL 12 database.


    Securing Connections Between Automic Automation and Oracle Databases

    Here's an example of configuring the Database Server and Automic to secure connections between the Automation Engine and an Oracle 12c database.


    Automic Automation Integration with Google Cloud Composer (GCC)

    You will learn how Automic Automation can orchestrate GCC processing, allowing you to execute, monitor, and audit the Airflow jobs in GCC.

    Dive into free courses for Automic Automation

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    Automic Automation: Upgrading to Version 24

    This course is relevant for system administrators who are in charge of installing and upgrading Automic Automation. It guides you through and demonstrates the process to upgrade Automic Automation...


    Automic Automation Release Overview: V24 - V21.0.x

    This self-paced and video-based course addresses anyone who works with Automic Automation. It describes and demonstrates (where applicable) the new features and functions introduced with Automic...


    Automic Automation Cloud Integrations: Kubernetes

    Broadcom's Automic Automation / Kubernetes Integration offers several methods for triggering, managing and supervising automated processes in Kubernetes clusters and containerized Software...


    Automic Automation Cloud Integrations: Apache Airflow and GCC

    This course explains the Airflow integration for both Apache Airflow and Google Cloud Composer, and is intended for anyone responsible for deploying Automic Automation with Cloud workflow tools.


    Automic Workload Automation Advanced Administration (ILT)

    The AWA Advanced Administrator course is a 2day instructor-ledtrainingthat provides AE Administrators and technical staff withadvanced information of the internal workings of the AE...


    Automic Automation 12.3 and Higher - Foundations

    This course is an introduction for administrators, developers and object designers, and operators that are completely new to Automic Automation. It introduces you to the Automic Automation key terms...


    Getting Started with the Automic Web Interface

    This course introduces you to key features to ease you into working in the web interface of Automic Automation 12.3. The videos dive into various aspects of the web interface, showing the basic...


    Automic Automation: Calendars and Calendar Events

    In this course, we introduce you to Calendars and Calendar Events in Automic Automation. By assigning Calendar Events to objects, you can determine the dates on which the object will be executed.


    Automic Automation: Save Time with Actions and Action Packs

    Action Packs are preconfigured building blocks that are ready to use in your Automic Automation Workflows. This course introduces you to Action Packs, and shows you how to install and use them.

    Read the latest blogs on Automic Automation

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    Embracing Global Collaboration and Inclusivity with Automic Automation V24

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    Announcing the Availability of AWS Batch Integration for Automic Automation

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    Majority of Companies Surveyed Say Automation Issues Drive Breaches in SLAs

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    Cloud Integrations from Automation by Broadcom: Streamlining Workload Automation in IICS

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    SAP Cloud Integrations from Automation by Broadcom

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    Get the Best of Both Worlds: How Automation by Broadcom Cloud Integrations Boost AWS Workflows

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    January 3, 2024

    Get the Best of Both Worlds: How Automation by Broadcom Cloud Integrations Boost Google Cloud Workflows

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    December 28, 2023

    Streamlining Business Operations: Automic Automation Certified with SAP for Seamless RISE Integration

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    December 21, 2023

    How Broadcom Knights Help Customers Solve Automation Challenges

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