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    DX NetOps

    Continuous, End-to-End Network Monitoring

    Gain unified, scalable network monitoring for traditional and modern software-defined infrastructures.


    Monitoring Network Delivery, Simplified

    Maintaining constant uptime across your network is critical to every other operation. With a combination of real-time performance monitoring and machine-learning driven analytics, Broadcom’s DX NetOps network monitoring software helps deliver high scale, unified visibility. DX NetOps enables full-stack analytics, assuring network delivery over traditional, software-defined and cloud architectures.
    • Gain complete understanding of network performance from the end-user perspective
    • Get unified, high-scale, and hyper-connected network operations
    • Simplify triage through intelligent analytics and root cause diagnosis
    • Reduce MTTR with automated network monitoring tool triage

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    Modernizing Network Engineering and Operations in the Era of Hybrid and Remote Work

    Shamus McGillicuddy, a VP of Research at EMA, discusses the challenges IT organizations face as they evolve support for remote and hybrid workers.


    Monitoring SD-WAN Performance: Key Considerations and Best Practices

    Learn how you can use DX NetOps to effectively monitor network performance in SD-WAN environments.


    Kyndryl Boosts Monitoring Scale by 50%, Optimizes SD-WAN Performance and Patient Care

    Kyndryl monitors connections between data centers and cloud services and between hybrid workers and cloud environments with Broadcom's NetOps solutions.


    Altice Portugal Accelerates New Service Delivery, Network Transformation with Broadcom

    Learn how Broadcom solutions have helped support Altice's digital transformations and the evolution of its customer environments.


    Fujitsu Central Europe Reduces TCO by 75% with Expanded “Human-Centric” Approach to NetOps

    Hear how Broadcom’s innovations and solutions enable Fujitsu to respond to emerging imperatives and rapidly evolving technological and business realities.


    FIS Extends Visibility Beyond Network Edge, Speeds Triage by 95%

    Learn how a large fintech company implemented DX NetOps and AppNeta to gain unified visibility of legacy networks, SD-WAN, and user experience.


    3 Best Practices for Optimal SD-WAN Performance

    This white paper highlights three best practices that empower network teams to unlock the full potential of their SD-WAN infrastructure.


    Eliminating the Blind Spots Introduced by TodayŐs Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments

    Adoption of the cloud provides both advantages and significant challenges for NetOps teams. Take a look at how an active monitoring approach can help.


    The Total Economic Impact of Experience-Driven NetOps by Broadcom Software

    Combining the power of DX NetOps and AppNeta, Experience-Driven NetOps from Broadcom Software delivers significant ROI and cost savings to enterprises.

    Dive into free courses for DX NetOps

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    DX NetOps 23.3.x: Integrate AppNeta 200

    Learn to integrate AppNeta with DX NetOps to maintain full visibility into network resources, regardless of location or ownership.


    DX NetOps 23.3.x: Back Up and Restore Spectrum 300

    Learn how to backup and restore critical Spectrum databases and files in order to prepare for upgrades and protect against human error and hardware failures.


    DX NetOps 22.2.x: Install and Configure Flow

    Learn to install and configure DX NetOps Flow for advanced traffic engineering by deploying within a Kubernetes cluster.


    DX NetOps 22.2.x: Discover Devices for Performance Monitoring

    Learn how to configure DX NetOps to discover devices across enterprise networks in order to monitor and manage the performance health of the devices and the networks.


    DX NetOps 22.2.x: Configure Device Monitoring for Performance Monitoring 200

    Learn how to create monitoring profiles to configure DX NetOps to monitor and collect performance metrics for devices across enterprise networks.


    DX Operational Intelligence and DX NetOps Integration 200

    This course provides you the steps to integrate DX Operational Intelligence and DX NetOps.


    DX NetOps 22.2.x: Discover and Model a Network for Fault Monitoring 200

    Learn how to configure the DX NetOps Fault Monitoring solution to discover devices to create a model of the network devices and service provider connections to monitor the network for fault events.


    DX NetOps 22.2.x: Install Spectrum for Fault Monitoring 200

    Learn how to install DX NetOps Spectrum as a stand-alone or distributed deployment for network fault monitoring and management.


    DX NetOps 22.2.x: Installation Architecture 200

    Learn the different architectural structures and components that make up each of the multiple DX NetOps solutions as well as the integration points to connect the solutions to each other.

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    Addressing the Visibility Gaps Posed by Wi-Fi Networks

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    How NetSecOps Can Improve Network and Security Collaboration

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    Broadcom Software Academy Wins Silver in Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Awards

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    Got Ghosts in Your Enterprise Network?

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    SD-WAN Performance and User Experience: Gaining Unified Visibility with DX NetOps

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    Broadcom Delivers Advanced Network Management Capabilities to Optimize Network Operations, Accelerate Network Transformation and Enhance Connected Experiences

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    August 28, 2023

    DX NetOps in Action: Fujitsu Reduces TCO by 75% with Expanded “HumanCentric” Approach to NetOps

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