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    DX Application Performance Management

    Real-Time Insights for Better User Experiences

    Correlate and analyze data across users, applications, and infrastructure for real-time insight.

    Improve Performance and Deliver Flawless User Experiences

    DX Application Performance Management provides enterprise-scale monitoring for the world’s largest organizations. With observability from mainframe to the modern technology stack, the correlation of infrastructure and application data, and service-driven insights through fully integrated DX Operational Intelligence, you’ll have unmatched visibility into performance and user experience. This means you can stay ahead of potential performance issues, optimize your applications, and deliver the experience your users expect.
    • Discover, trace, and diagnose application performance issues with zero-touch agent deployment and intelligent discovery
    • Manage performance across cloud-native and container-based applications and infrastructures
    • Gain real-time insight into digital performance, user experience, and behavior
    • Get seamless and native correlation support for distributed tracing and open source monitoring data

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    Best Practices and Design Principles for Building and Utilizing a DX Dashboard

    Provide accurate overviews of and insights into user experience, call users to action, and analyze the sources and root causes of degradations.


    DX Application Performance Management Capabilities

    Watch this playlist to learn more about the capabilities of DX APM.


    DX Dashboards

    Watch this playlist to learn more about DX Dashboards available in DX APM.


    Migrate to Next-Generation DX APM for the Latest Innovation

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    Case Study: What a Migration to DX APM SaaS Looks Like

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    Migrating to Next-Generation DX APM

    This white paper offers a detailed look at the key considerations and options for making the move to the next-generation DX APM.


    DX App Synthetic Monitoring: Learn to Set up a Webdriver in 5 Minutes

    Watch this 5-minute video to learn how to set up a webdriver in DX App Synthetic Monitoring.


    How to Effectively Manage and Monitor Cloud Native Applications with AIOPs from Broadcom

    Learn what is required from an APM solution to effectively monitor cloud native applications.


    Establishing Effective APM Implementations in Kubernetes Environments

    Read about APM requirements for modern architectures and the essentials of setting up your first Kubernetes and OpenShift installations.

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    DX Dashboards 200

    This course will help you learn set up, maintain, and perform simple troubleshooting on DX Dashboards.


    DX APM Team Center Fundamentals and Best Practices

    In this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of DX APM Team Center along with best practices for using and managing attributes and organizing the map to best suit your...


    DX APM Command Center 101: Deploying Agent Packages and Creating Custom Bundles

    With the APM Command Center in DX APM you can create, deploy, administer and upgrade agents from a single location to help you achieve enterprise readiness with full automated and audited agent...


    DX APM: Getting Started with Funnel Analysis

    With Funnel Analysis you can gain a better understanding of your users by providing a visual representation of the userÕs journey through the business activities that you create for your...


    DX APM: Getting Started with DX Dashboards

    In this course, you will learn how to get started with DX Dashboards, the new visualization platform in AIOps from Broadcom which enables you to leverage out-of-the-box dashboards or create your own...


    DX APM: Getting Started with the Business Payload Analyzer

    In this course, you will learn how to get started with Business Payload Analyzer, a capability in DX Application Performance Management designed for application owners who want greater visibility...

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