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    DX Unified Infrastructure Management

    Comprehensive Observability for Hybrid Environments

    Get open architecture, full-stack infrastructure observability for a traditional, private cloud, or hybrid cloud environment. Combine deep domain knowledge across hybrid cloud infrastructure elements to help drive digital transformation, automation, and innovation.


    Proactive Monitoring, Actionable Insights

    DX UIM makes it easy and fast for today’s IT teams to implement, use, and scale – leading to faster time to value. Drive digital transformation, automation, and innovation with deep domain knowledge across hybrid cloud infrastructure elements. Easily monitor your infrastructure with a modern, single pane of glass operations console.
    • Gain a unified view of your infrastructure with a secure and scalable platform with enterprise-grade reliability
    • Get full observability across your hybrid cloud and traditional data center environments
    • Reduce IT Ops efforts and accelerate new deployments with automated device discovery, monitoring, and configuration

    How-to Videos

    Case Studies

    A&I Solutions Leverages DX UIM as Cornerstone of its AIOps by Broadcom Deployments A&I Solutions solves complex observability challenges with DX UIM and other AIOps by Broadcom solutions with sales, services and support for its clients Read Case Study
    Coty Uses DX UIM and AIOps by Broadcom to Manage Complexity and Cut Costs Coty relies on DX UIM for infrastructure observability of its hybrid environment to deliver performance and availability expectations and achieve the highest levels of E2E observability Read Case Study
    Simac ICT Belgium Uses DX UIM to Monitor the Health of Thousands of Devices To fulfill the list of requirements for its clients, Simac relies on AIOps by Broadcom—in particular, DX UIM—to form the foundation for its managed service offerings Read Case Study
    DX UIM at Broadcom IT for Web-Scale Infrastructure Observability Broadcom GTO manages 18 data centers, 100 sites, 400 R&D labs, and tens of thousands of diverse systems with DX UIM for infrastructure observability Read Case Study
    DX UIM at Global Top-10 Bank for Transformational Infrastructure Observability A Top-10 global bank uses DX UIM for infrastructure observability to meet its cloud migration, agility, compliance and financial objectives Read Case Study
    DX UIM at Large MSP to Enable Client Infrastructure Observability A large MSP managed a 400% Increase in load for infrastructure observability without impact to customer experience with DX UIM Read Case Study
    Hybrid Infrastructure Management with DX UIM A large financial services firm uses DX UIM to enable an infrastructure observability view of its entire infrastructure and optimize the digital experience for its users Read Case Study
    Intelligent Operations with DX UIM A Fortune 500 financial services firm uses DX UIM for infrastructure observability to eliminate time-consuming, manual monitoring configurations Read Case Study
    Scalability for IT Complexity with DX UIM A large financial services firm uses DX UIM for infrastructure observability because it scales for its multiple business units Read Case Study

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    High Availability Solution for Infrastructure Data Fed into the AIOps by Broadcom Solution

    DX UIM data is critical for correlating collected data against thresholds, service level objectives, and predictive analytics


    DX Unified Infrastructure Management: Comprehensive Observability for Hybrid Environments

    DX UIM is a comprehensive solution for traditional and hybrid cloud monitoring.


    5 Factors to Consider When Selecting an ITIM Solution

    A research firm interviewed IT decision-makers regarding their experiences with alternative infrastructure monitoring platforms. This is what they found.


    9 Essentials of Modern Server Monitoring

    In this eBook, we offer guidance for nine key requirements that must be addressed in order to effectively improve server performance.


    5 Essentials of Modern IT Infrastructure Management

    Learn about essential tools like dynamic configuration and AI-driven analysis for optimal performance in managing modern digital infrastructures.


    DX UIM Multitier Architecture Is Key Differentiator

    Check out this infographic to better understand how DX UIM from Broadcom can integrate across your IT infrastructure.


    Troubleshooting DX UIM Core Probe Issues with Broadcom Support for Faster MTTR

    Learn what information you need to collect and share with Broadcom support if you're having an issue with DX UIM, or any given core probe.


    Service Level Management for New-Age Infrastructure Observability in DX UIM

    This 10-minute how-to video will help you learn about SLM and SLAs for new-age infrastructure observability.


    Dashboards & Reports for New-Age Observability with DX UIM from Broadcom

    In this how-to video, learn about dashboards and reports for new-age infrastructure observability.

    Dive into free courses for DX UIM

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    DX Operational Intelligence and DX UIM Integration 200

    Integrate the DX Unified Infrastructure Management (DX UIM) with the DX Operational Intelligence (DX OI), to analyze UIM data and display it within the DX Operational Intelligence UI.


    DX UIM: Primary Interfaces Admin Console and Operator Console

    This course introduces the consoles to configure and manage UIM systems.


    DX UIM: Discovering Devices and Deploying Robots

    This course focuses on administrators and other authorized users to deploy probes and use profile types that are designed to focus on the components or network elements.


    DX UIM: Performing Advanced Robot Configuration

    This course emphasizes on the demonstration of deploying a secondary hub dedicated to various servers.


    DX UIM: Advanced Monitoring Administration

    This course introduces configuration and monitoring profiles of target audience using MCS profile to deploy robots.


    DX UIM: Examining Monitored Data

    This course provides an overview of devices and device group monitoring profile configurations to view and compare metrics in Operator Console.


    DX UIM: Monitoring Configuration

    This course covers the procedure to view the list of active alarms returned by the system that are set by the administrators in response to new conditions and needs.


    DX UIM: Performing Advanced Alarm Activities

    This course illustrates how to create new alarms and generate alerts and triggers that are distributed by the hub.


    DX UIM: SLA and SLM Management

    This course introduces the SLM framework on generating SLA reports to view details of SLA attached to SLO and QoS information.

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    Broadcom Software Academy Wins Silver in Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Awards

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    Upgrade to DX UIM 20.4 CU9 to Leverage New Features and Security Updates

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    New DX UIM Release: Start Monitoring New Linux Distributions on Day 1

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    Broadcom Recognized as Outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Observability

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