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    Broadcom Software Academy

    Discover comprehensive resources and grow your expertise in value stream management, enterprise automation, network management, and more using Broadcom's enterprise software products. Access free learning paths and product courses to deepen your skills and elevate your knowledge in these critical areas.

    Customize Your Learning Experience at Broadcom Software Academy

    By personalizing your experience, you can:

    • Quickly access the content most relevant to you and your organization
    • Stay up to date on the latest blogs, white papers, videos, and more
    • Update your settings anytime

    First time visiting? Have a question? Check out our all-new FAQ section to learn more about Broadcom Software Academy!

    With thousands of learners engaged through Broadcom Software Academy, interactions with customer-facing teams are more strategic and productive, leading to greater customer success and satisfaction.

    Serge Lucio,

    Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom Software's Agile Operations Division

    Broadcom Software Academy FAQ

    What is Broadcom Software Academy?

    Broadcom Software Academy (BSA) is a practitioner-focused hub for content and education related to Broadcom Software products. Content covers topics like value stream management, workload automation, network management, and more, with an emphasis on new releases and features, popular use cases, and best practices.

    BSA provides a “learning pathway” for practitioners and eases adoption by demonstrating product capabilities and use cases. It also aids users by sharing expert perspectives and providing direct connections to our course platform for additional learning opportunities.

    How do I access Broadcom Software Academy Content?

    All parts of the BSA site are publicly accessible—we do not gate any content. To enroll in our courses, you'll need a free Broadcom account. Additionally, by logging into Broadcom, users can "personalize" their Academy experience according to their product and solution preferences.

    What type of content is available?

    Here on Broadcom Software Academy, you’ll find a wide range of content including:

    • Courses
    • Blogs
    • White Papers
    • Videos
    • Case Studies
    • Analyst Reports
    • And more!

    Are there fees for your courses?

    No! With the exception of a very small number of instructor-led training courses, all of our product training on Broadcom Software Academy is completely free.

    How are courses different from learning paths?

    Learning paths contain courses, among other content types.

    The Learning Paths on Broadcom Software Academy are curated content experiences that typically focus on a specific customer need or user. They include courses as a core part of their curriculum, but also include relevant blogs, white papers, videos, and more.

    Courses, on the other hand, are focused on upleveling skills with an individual product or product feature.

    Is there a way to personalize my experience on Broadcom Software Academy?

    You bet! Visit our customization page, supply a couple quick pieces of information, and every time you return to the homepage you’ll see the latest content on the products you told us you’re interested in.

    Can I access Broadcom Software Academy on mobile devices?

    Yes, Broadcom Software Academy is designed to be accessible on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Simply visit the website using your mobile browser to access the platform.

    How do I get in touch if I have a question?

    Visit our contact us page and let us know if you have a question, are experiencing a bug, or have any feedback about the site!

    How can I stay updated on new courses and content from Broadcom Software Academy?

    To stay informed about new courses, updates, and announcements, you can follow Broadcom Software Academy on LinkedIn. Additionally, regularly visiting the Broadcom Software Academy website will keep you updated on any new offerings.

    What support resources are available for learners on Broadcom Software Academy?

    In addition to connecting with us through the contact us page, Broadcom offers additional support through:

    Let's Talk!

    Have a question? Want to request a product demo or more information? Do you just want to give some feedback on the site? Let us know!