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    Visibility and Control Over Enterprise Workloads

    Enhance visibility and control of complex workloads across platforms, ERP systems, and the cloud. You’ll help not only reduce the cost and complexity of managing mission critical business processes, but also ensure consistent and reliable service delivery.

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    Centralize and Simplify Workload Automation

    Dynamically respond to real time business events, map workload processes to service level agreements, ensure continual monitoring, and automate recovery. AutoSys Workload Automation creates a single point of control for managing and visualizing a business process end-to-end across platforms.
    • Improve the availability of your critical application workloads
    • Enable the future of your business workloads portability
    • Manage dependencies between Hadoop and traditional jobs

    Learning Paths for AutoSys

    Level up your expertise and make the most of your Broadcom investment with dedicated learning paths composed of the most relevant resources and courses for your role.

    Extending AutoSys to Your Cloud Services with Plug-in Extensions

    Improve your cloud adoption with plug-in extensions for CA Workload Automation.


    Getting Started with Automic Automation Intelligence for AutoSys

    Discover how AAI improves service delivery, how to download and install, and ...

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    From Scheduler to Automation Fabric for the Enterprise: Workload Automation Transformation in 2023

    This research explores the changing role of workload automation software as enterprises continue to deploy and mature digitally transformed processes.


    Automation Intelligence: The Path to Transformative Automation

    Read the white paper by EMA Research about how automation intelligence and AAI fit into the automation maturity model.


    Managing Cloud Storage with AutoSys Plug in Extensions

    See how you can manage storage objects for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) and integrate these into your data pipelines with AutoSys.


    What's New in AutoSys 12.1

    Highlights for the release include CyberArk Application Access Manager (AAM) Integration, Kubernetes(k8s)/OpenShift Job Type, updates to Security, support for Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSAs),...


    AutoSys Plugin Extension for CloudFoundry

    Rich Kao, Distinguished Architect at Broadcom Software demonstrates how the Plugin Extension for CloudFoundry works with AutoSys. See how you can control CloudFoundry processing from within AutoSys...


    Plugin Extensions for AutoSys and dSeries

    Demonstration and presentation on Plugin extensions available for AutoSys, dSeries, ESP, and CA 7. These plug-in extensions expand these automation products capabilities into key cloud technologies.


    AutoSys Plugin Extension for Azure Data Factory

    Rich Kao, Distinguished Architect at Broadcom Software demonstrates how the Plugin Extension for Azure Data Factory works with AutoSys. See how you can control Azure Data Factory processing from...


    AutoSys Plugin Extension for Databricks

    Rich Kao, Distinguished Architect at Broadcom Software demonstrates how the Plugin Extension for Databricks works with AutoSys. See how you can control Databricks processing from within AutoSys and...


    AutoSys is Vital to Your Cloud Strategy

    This eBook outlines eight reasons AutoSys empowers your cloud strategy success.

    Dive into free courses for AutoSys

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    Getting Started with Autosys Job Creation

    This learning path is designed to provide new AutoSys developers with a solid foundation in AutoSys Workload Automation. Through a series of web-based courses, participants will learn the...


    Getting Started With Automic Automation Intelligence For AutoSys

    This self-paced course for Automic Automation Intelligence for AutoSys is a comprehensive introduction to Automic Automation Intelligence (AAI) for AutoSys.

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