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    Visibility and Control Over Enterprise Workloads

    Enhance visibility and control of complex workloads across platforms, ERP systems, and the cloud. You’ll help not only reduce the cost and complexity of managing mission critical business processes, but also ensure consistent and reliable service delivery.

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    Centralize and Simplify Workload Automation

    Dynamically respond to real time business events, map workload processes to service level agreements, ensure continual monitoring, and automate recovery. AutoSys Workload Automation creates a single point of control for managing and visualizing a business process end-to-end across platforms.
    • Improve the availability of your critical application workloads
    • Enable the future of your business workloads portability
    • Manage dependencies between Hadoop and traditional jobs

    Learning Paths for AutoSys

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    Level up your expertise and make the most of your Broadcom investment with dedicated learning paths composed of the most relevant resources and courses for your role.

    Continuing with AutoSys Job Creation

    Take your AutoSys job creation skills to the next level with this advanced ...


    Getting Started with AutoSys Job Creation

    Dive into this series of free AutoSys courses to help you get the most out of ...

    Read the latest AutoSys Resources

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    AutoSys Cloud Integrations: S3 Integration

    Learn the components of the AutoSys-S3 integration, and see demonstrations of how to install, configure, and use it.


    Optimizing Service Delivery

    Optimize service delivery with Automation by Broadcom for cloud workloads, analytics, and visualization.


    Harnessing Enterprise Automation

    Gain unified visibility and optimize operations. Prioritize operational consistency and enhance IT tooling for improved efficiency and service delivery.


    AutoSys Cloud Integrations: Oracle EPM Agent Integration

    Easily integrate Oracle processes into AutoSys and synchronize them with your existing enterprise workload automation solution.


    AutoSys Cloud Integrations: Airflow Agent Integration

    Easily integrate directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) with your existing enterprise workload automation solution.


    Employing AutoSys to Intelligently Manage Cloud Migration

    A financial services organization relies on AutoSys to manage the transition to the cloud without jeopardizing business critical workloads.


    AutoSys ServiceNow Integration

    Learn how to integrate AutoSys notifications with ServiceNow. Available from AutoSys 12.1 SP1.


    The Change Simulation You Need to Protect Your SLAs

    Gaining an understanding of how changes will affect workload automation SLAs is critical for optimal service delivery.


    AAI: Advanced Analytics for Workload Automation

    Broadcom’s Automation Analytics and Intelligence (AAI) provides observability, advanced SLA management and automation intelligence for workload automation.

    Dive into free courses for AutoSys

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    AutoSys: Managing Events and Jobs Using Commands

    Managing Events and Jobs using Commands is a Level 200 course designed to provide Workload Automation developers with essential knowledge about advanced functionalities of the sendevent and jil...


    AutoSys: Managing Jobs with Virtual Resources

    Managing Jobs with Virtual Resources is a Level 200 course designed to provide Workload Automation developers with essential knowledge about resources that are crucial in controlling the job...


    AutoSys: Best Practices for Job Creation

    Best Practices for Job Creation is a Level 200 course designed to provide Workload Automation developers with essential knowledge to implement effective best practices for job creation.


    AutoSys: Manage Default Behavior of Box Jobs

    This course provides essential knowledge about the default behavior of box jobs and how to effectively manage and control their behavior using Success and Failure box attributes


    Reduce the SLA Risk of AutoSys Changes: AAI Simulation of AutoSys SLAs

    This video-based tutorial explains and demonstrates how to use the simulation function in AAI to change and test proposed changes to a jobstream


    AutoSys Workload Automation: Customize AutoSys Job Runs Using Advanced Attributes and Variables

    This course will help AutoSys developers manage job outcomes while handling complex workflows


    AutoSys Workload Automation: Automate Job Runs Using Event-Based Job Scheduling

    In this course, you will learn event-based job scheduling using a few job types


    AutoSys Workload Automation: Using Advanced Job Types

    Learn about a few job types that you can use to automate Database, FTP Server, Web Services, and containerized application tasks.


    AutoSys Workload Automation AE: Configuring System Agents 200

    This course will give you an understanding of the differences between Legacy AutoSys agents and the newer System Agents. It will cover the different System Agent settings that you can add/modify so...

    Read the latest blogs on AutoSys

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