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    Dynamic Workload Scheduler That Minimizes Batch Window for Optimal Performance

    Define, standardize, monitor, control and manage application workloads across multiple platforms and applications. Advanced automation features enable dynamic triggers, pre-emptive problem correction, and pro-active environmental cleanup, while providing a user-friendly interface that enables you “manage by exception” and quickly assess downstream business impact.

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    Simplify Cross-Enterprise Workload Automation

    Provide anyone within the application development, line of business, or IT organizations with a self-service, role-based user experience. You can define, manage, and monitor cross-enterprise workloads from a Web browser, tablet, or desktop client—all while eliminating the need for scripts, disparate tools, and manual processes.
    • Improve your response to real-time events
    • More effectively coordinate and optimize resources to support workload demands across all processing platforms
    • Increase staff efficiency and reduce costs through integrated and easier-to-user tools and processes for job scheduling

    Learning Paths for dSeries

    Level up your expertise and make the most of your Broadcom investment with dedicated learning paths composed of the most relevant resources and courses for your role.

    Extending dSeries to Your Cloud Services with Plug-in Extensions

    Learn how to orchestrate and publish web services in dSeries and how to use the ...

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    Agent Inventory Demonstration

    See the new Agent Inventory feature in dSeries 12.4, including agent upgrade, centralized start/restart of agents and more.


    From Scheduler to Automation Fabric for the Enterprise: Workload Automation Transformation in 2023

    This research explores the changing role of workload automation software as enterprises continue to deploy and mature digitally transformed processes.


    Managing Cloud Storage with dSeries Plug in Extensions

    See how you can manage storage objects for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) and integrate these into your data pipelines with dSeries.


    dSeries Workload Automation in the Cloud

    Highlights the challenges and best practices you should adopt to deploy dSeries to the cloud and the existing cloud-native application integrations.


    dSeries Web Service Orchestration

    Learn how to orchestrate web service calls in dSeries and exchange data between them.


    Plugin Extensions for AutoSys and dSeries

    Demonstration of plug-in extensions for AutoSys, dSeries, ESP, and CA 7, and how they expand automation capabilities into key cloud technologies.


    How to Setup dSeries SOAP Web Services

    Watch as Kiran walks you through the installation, configuration and use of SOAP Web Services for dSeries Workload Automation

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    Broadcom Software Academy Wins 2022 Brandon Hall Group HCM Gold Excellence Award

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