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    AIOps & Automation

    Learn how you can provide comprehensive insights, observability, and pervasive automation using our AIOps and Automation solutions

    AIOps & Automation Solutions

    DX Operational Intelligence Operational Intelligence Learn how to use DX Operational Intelligence to run smarter, faster IT operations through ML-driven insights and autonomous remediation. Learn More
    DX Application Performance Management APM Learn how to use DX APM to improve app performance and deliver flawless user experiences with analytics-driven insight and intelligence. Learn More
    DX NetOps Network Monitoring Learn how to use DX NetOps to get unified, scalable AI-driven network triage and automation for traditional, SDN, and cloud networks. Learn More
    Enterprise Automation Automation Learn how to use Broadcom's automation products powered by AI/ML capabilities to drive agility across digital processes and hybrid environments. Learn More

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    How AIOps from Broadcom Addresses Top NPM Usability Complaints

    This white paper examines how enterprises are applying AIOps technology to network performance management (NPM) tools to make their networks more reliable and secure. Read Report

    Predicting Network Congestion in the Era of 5G, Cloud, and SDx

    Find out how Broadcom delivers the first silicon-integrated, AI-driven analytics platform that accelerates network operations and boosts resiliency. Read Report
    Case Study

    Broadcom GTO Realizes a 6-Times Boost in Monitoring Scalability with DX NetOps

    Use case for Broadcom’s global technology organization (GTO) replacing SolarWinds with DX NetOps. Download PDF
    Case Study

    Fujitsu Reduces Alarm Noise by 70% with DX NetOps

    Use case for Fujitsu using DX NetOps to realize increased operational efficiencies by improving monitoring processes, monitoring scale, and network configuration management... Read Report
    Analyst Report

    Gartner has acknowledged Broadcom as a representative vendor in the Market Guide for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, 2020

    The enterprise network is undergoing fundamental changes, meaning leaders should rethink ways to monitor the network. Read Now
    Analyst Report

    Upgrading Your Network Operations Platform for the Digital Future (EBOOK)

    See why enterprises that use individual fault, performance, or flow monitoring tools should upgrade to DX NetOps. Read Now
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    June 11, 2021

    Business Processes Broken? (Why It’s Most Likely Not a Software Issue)

    Problematic processes can degrade the advantages of even the best software solution. This post outlines the key steps to improving business processes. Read Now
    May 17, 2021

    How to Reduce Outages: Automated Triage and Remediation with AIOps

    Learn how Broadcom's AIOps solution, DX Operational Intelligence, can automate triage and remediation to reduce outages. Read Now
    May 14, 2021

    Why OpenTelemetry and Observability Are Important for APM

    Learn why OpenTelemetryand observability are critical features of advanced APM solutions for today’s complex and hybrid IT environments. Read Now
    May 3, 2021

    Broadcom Named a Leader and Innovator in the 2021 GigaOm Radar for Network Observability

    Broadcom is named a Leader and Innovator in the GigaOm Radar for Network Observability. Broadcom’s strong vision and speed of innovation led to this recognition. Read Now
    April 30, 2021

    How AIOps Compliments Multi-Cloud Strategies in Banking Digital Transformation

    Multi-cloud strategies accelerate banking digital transformation. Learn how AIOps helps provide observability across multi-cloud, application, infrastructure, and network. Read Now
    April 30, 2021

    How to Use Automic Automation to Work With AWS Lambda

    This blog reviews how you can use Automic Automation to work with AWS Lambda (serverless) functions and includes links to a skill builder and helpful resources such as a... Read Now
    April 29, 2021

    Why Monitoring the Customer Experience is Critical for IT

    While IT teams have their hands full monitoring infrastructure, it is increasingly vital to incorporate user experience monitoring to the mix. Read Now
    April 29, 2021

    Best Practices for Defining SLAs

    This post reveals the best practices for developing SLAs that are both feasible and indicative of a high level of reliability, and details how to measure SLAs. Read Now
    April 29, 2021

    Going Beyond Log Monitoring with AIOps

    Effective application monitoring requires much more than just analyzing log data. Today, teams need the broader functionality AIOps can provide. Read Now
    April 29, 2021

    What are Zipkin and Jaeger, and How Does Istio Use Them?

    This blog explains what distributed tracing is, why you would want it, how Istio uses it, and the differences between Zipkin and Jaeger as backends for traces. Read Now

    AIOps Course Catalog

    Now Available

    DX NetOps: Network Monitoring Solution Overview

    BroadcomÕs DX NetOps provides a perfect solution by combining real-time monitoring and machine-learning driven analytics. It converts inventory, topology, device metrics,... Go to Training
    Now Available

    DX Operations Intelligence: A Virtual Tour

    DX Operational Intelligence is a machine-learning-driven AIOps solution that provides the most comprehensive service intelligence, analyzing diverse structured and... Go to Training
    Now Available

    DX APM 20.2: How to Install the DX Platform

    In this course, you will learn how to install the DX Platform for DX Application Performance Management version 20.2, which also includes DX Operational Intelligence. Go to Training
    Now Available

    DX APM: Getting Started with the Business Payload Analyzer

    In this course, you will learn how to get started with Business Payload Analyzer, a capability in DX Application Performance Management designed for application owners who... Go to Training
    Now Available

    DX APM: Getting Started with DX Dashboards

    In this course, you will learn how to get started with DX Dashboards, the new visualization platform in AIOps from Broadcom which enables you to leverage out-of-the-box... Go to Training
    Now Available

    DX APM: Getting Started with Funnel Analysis

    With Funnel Analysis you can gain a better understanding of your users by providing a visual representation of the userÕs journey through the business activities that you... Go to Training
    Now Available

    DX APM Command Center 101: Deploying Agent Packages and...

    With the APM Command Center in DX APM you can create, deploy, administer and upgrade agents from a single location to help you achieve enterprise readiness with full... Go to Training
    Now Available

    DX APM Team Center Fundamentals and Best Practices

    In this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of DX APM Team Center along with best practices for using and managing attributes and organizing the... Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Automation 12.3 Foundations

    This course is an introduction for administrators, developers and object designers, and operators that are completely new to Automic Automation. It introduces you to the... Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Web Interface 12.3 Fundamentals

    This course introduces you to key features to ease you into working in the web interface of Automic Automation 12.3. The videos dive into various aspects of the web... Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Automation: Calendars and Calendar Events

    In this course, we introduce you to Calendars and Calendar Events in Automic Automation. By assigning Calendar Events to objects, you can determine the dates on which the... Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Automation 12.3: Overview

    This course introduces you to the architecture, core functions and design of Automic Automation and its web interface, the Automic Web Interface. Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Automation: Save Time with Actions and Action Packs

    Action Packs are preconfigured building blocks that are ready to use in your Automic Automation Workflows. This course introduces you to Action Packs, and shows you how to... Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Automation: Introduction to Objects

    One of the core principles of Automic Automation is object-oriented design. This course provides a high-level overview of the role of objects and a conceptual explanation of... Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Infrastructure Manager: Provision Environments...

    Learn how to use the Infrastructure Manager solution to create new environments in any infrastructure provider, populate the environment with the correct middleware, and... Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Automation 12.3 Administration Foundations

    This course is focused upon helping administrators begin to understand the basic architecture of the Automation Engine. Go to Training
    Now Available

    Automic Automation Administration Standard

    This course is a deep dive in some of the most important tasks that an administrator must perform to configure and get an Automic Automation system started. Go to Training
    Now Available

    DX Operational Intelligence and DX Spectrum Integration

    Learn how to install and configure the integration between DX Operational Intelligence and Spectrum. Go to Training
    Now Available

    Third-Party Integrations with DX RESTMon

    Learn how to install, configure, and troubleshoot DX RESTMon. Go to Training