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    Learning Path

    Network Monitoring
    Quick Start

    Explore a selection of resources and courses to help you hit the ground running with AppNeta. Build your foundation here so you can take your network monitoring skill set to the next level!

    7 chapters
    to review
    3 hours
    estimated completion
    3 total
    components covered

    Get Your Certificate

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    Network Monitoring Quick Start expert!

    AppNeta has 3 core components: Delivery for network monitoring, Experience for app monitoring, and Usage for traffic analysis.
    The core difference between AppNeta and traditional network monitoring is:
    AppNeta’s diagnostics include which of the following metrics?
    Enterprise Monitoring Points come in the following deployment methods:
    Within AppNeta, Tags can be used to do the following:
    What feature within Experience specifically allows for users to monitor and see performance for multi-step or multi-page apps as a single test?
    Smart Lists can be used to automatically include relevant new paths as they are created for alerting purposes.
    Which component of AppNeta provides the ability to see traffic statistics like Network and Application Latency and Retransmit % for captured traffic?
    Within Delivery, Monitoring Policies are the best way to centrally manage large groups of paths.
    AppNeta recommends and supports SAML-based SSO for credentials.