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    August 18, 2023

    DX NetOps In Action: How Altice Accelerates Network Transformation with Broadcom

    Altice Portugal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altice Group, a multinational cable and telecommunications company. They have a presence across Europe, including in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland, as well as in the Dominican Republic, the French West Indies, and Israel.

    With annual revenues of more than $2.8 billion (2,629 million Euros), Altice Portugal is Portugal’s largest telecom company. Altice offers fixed, mobile, and satellite network services to consumers. The company also offers a range of services for business customers, including cybersecurity, cloud and data center services, backup and restore, remote equipment monitoring and management, and more.

    Network transformation challenges

    As a telecommunications company, Altice has accrued a large, complex IT environment with multiple generations of infrastructure. The IT operations group must continue to pursue digital transformation so the organization can adapt to rapidly changing user, customer, market, and technology demands.

    As a result of these transformations, Altice is operating in a new age of networking. Altice continues to expand its remote data center and cloud offerings. Altice customers now rely on cloud services and SaaS offerings in addition to software-defined architectures. Furthermore, work-from-anywhere approaches are now a given for both Altice employees and customers.

    The solution: Experience-Driven NetOps

    Over time, Altice continued to expand their usage of various network monitoring solutions, including DX NetOps by Broadcom. Altice leverages DX NetOps to provide coverage of network performance, fault, and flow, in both their traditional and software-defined architectures.

    With DX NetOps solutions, the Altice team has been able to adapt seamlessly to new technologies and the demands of new networks. They have used DX NetOps for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring for years. The team successfully implemented DX NetOps Flow to conduct flow analysis and validate customer connections, consumption, and performance.

    Recently, the team started using AppNeta by Broadcom. AppNeta extends Altice’s monitoring visibility and control beyond the edge of their networks and into unmanaged networks like home Wi-Fi as well as third-party telecommunication, cloud, and SaaS environments that customers may use on a daily basis. With AppNeta, teams can quickly isolate the location of performance issues, including those that arise on networks not owned by Altice. Further, it helps speed mean time to innocence (MTTI), providing objective evidence of the location of outages that arise in home Wi-Fi networks and other ISP and cloud providers’ networks.

    Altice has uncovered many technical and business benefits by using Experience-Driven NetOps from Broadcom to include accelerating new technology support, new service delivery opportunities, protecting the company brand and reputation and improving MTTI and MTTR.

    Check out the full case study to learn more about how Altice used Broadcom to help accelerate new service delivery and network transformation.

    Jeremy Rossbach

    As the Chief Technical Evangelist for NetOps by Broadcom, Jeremy is passionate about meeting with customers to identify their IT operational challenges and produce solutions that fit their business and network transformation goals. Prior to joining Broadcom, he spent over 15+ years working in IT, across both public...

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