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    Case Study

    Altice Portugal Accelerates New Service Delivery, Network Transformation with Broadcom

    With annual revenues of more than $2.8 billion (2,629 million Euros), Altice Portugal is the country’s largest telecom company. Altice offers fixed, mobile, and satellite network services to consumers. In addition, the company offers a range of services for business customers, including cyber security, cloud and data center services, backup and restore, remote equipment monitoring and management, and more.


    "The partnership with Broadcom will continue to enable Altice to innovate and stay competitive."

    Bruno Vitorino

    Head of Development and Operations, B2B Platforms



    Tracking and managing network-based services that rely on a complex mix of legacy infrastructure, SD-WAN, cloud, and ISP networks.

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    DX NetOps provides coverage of network performance, fault, and flow across their traditional and SD-WAN architectures, and AppNeta extends monitoring visibility and control beyond the network edge and into unmanaged networks.

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    Reduced mean-time-to- resolution metrics from hours to minutes and gained insights to optimize user experiences, helping improve customer satisfaction.


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