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    October 3, 2023

    Broadcom Delivers Advanced Network Management Capabilities to Optimize Network Operations, Accelerate Network Transformation and Enhance Connected Experiences

    We are pleased to announce the availability of Network Management by Broadcom, which includes DX NetOps 23.3 and AppNeta. It assures end-to-end observability, minimizing the visibility gaps beyond the network borders to Cloud, SaaS, and Sites. The solution provides a unique and industry-leading unified Network Management approach, allowing organizations to optimize network operations, accelerate transformation and enhance connected experiences.

    "Broadcom has advanced network management so that organizations can see clearly across their ever-expanding networks to proactively manage performance – even for the networks spanning beyond their ownership and control. No longer do organizations need to suffer through a lack of insight into the critical connections that are increasingly virtualized or made opaque by hybrid and multi-cloud architectures," says Mike Melillo, Sr Director, Network Management Solutions at Broadcom. "With a view into network experience, we enable network operations teams to deliver high-performing network experiences as organizations increasingly extend their networks into the cloud."

    Network Management by Broadcom is a leading network observability and management solution providing users a unified view of modern and legacy networks that quickly scales for the growing needs of today's network transformation initiatives.

    Here are some of the new leading-edge capabilities available in this release:

    Optimize operations

    • Experience-Driven NetOps allows network teams to deliver reliable networking services beyond the enterprise borders to Cloud, SaaS, and remote sites. It extends the NOC by incorporating network experience provided by AppNeta into DX NetOps. Following the earlier integration (introduced in DxNetOps 22.2) which applied well-known alarm management to AppNeta delivery paths and delivered a context page to triage cloud path and view daily health-check of Cloud and SaaS performance, this latest release adds alarm noise reduction to AppNeta path events and alarms using the proven "event condition correlation" technique.
    • Zero Touch Admin is an automated NetOps upgrade process utilizing an Ansible workflow engine that includes a pre- and post-validation process to reduce the Tools Admin burden during upgrades. Initial trials have demonstrated that we can reduce upgrade time to less than a day with a single attempt and without any issues. In this first phase we support the core performance and fault (Spectrum) components of DX NetOps. Subsequent phases will expand to include SDN and Flow components, as well as AppNeta on-prem installation. We will continue to evolve this into a comprehensive solution for automating the NOC, encompassing the ecosystem integration and automation of common tasks.
    • Volatility Analytics is a patent-pending innovation to monitor instability in the network by assessing metric variability, similar to how the financial industry uses volatility (VIX) to understand instability driven by external forces that impact the overall market performance. We believe this type of analysis can help identify data patterns that correlate to business-impacting events including outages, time to failure, security, and intrusions. We are pleased to release an early access version of Network Volatility Dashboard, which enables Network Engineering, Capacity, and Architect personas to understand periods of volatility and ensure appropriate measures are taken when necessary to mitigate the impact of performance volatility. In early access, our focus is to work with customers to provide guidance on how they can leverage this data within their organizations and to provide opportunities to improve and optimize the metrics and algorithms leveraged in this initial release. If you want to try out this capability, contact your account representative and create a ticket with Broadcom Support to request access to Volatility Analytics.

    Accelerate network transformations

    • Wi-Fi Assurance to the NOC ensures all users and guests of the enterprise consistently experience reliable, accessible wireless connectivity, always delivering optimal performance. As Wi-Fi has become the preferred technology for LAN, NOC personnel need a solution that can process fault, performance, and flow data across multi-vendor, cloud-managed Wi-Fi along with the rest of traditional or software-defined networks at scale. Wi-Fi Assurance, part of unified NetOps, solves the challenge of monitoring these wireless networks, reducing alarms, extending existing Standard Operating Procedures for ITSM, and providing Level-2 triage with the contextually added awareness of radio frequency KPIs like noise level, interference, and wireless user movements. This release has extensive coverage for HPE Aruba, Cisco Meraki, and Cisco DNAc.  
    • Customer Experience Center (CXC) is a place where customers can learn new workflows in assuring SD-WAN. Customers can engage with industry experts and vendors for best practices and standard operating procedures. Customers can also leverage our vendor-agnostic lab environment for hands-on experience and training their NOC team with step-to-step tutorials. This is an early access program where we are inviting customers to test drive a proactive SD-WAN monitoring workflow for L2 NOC Engineers and Operations Managers.  If you are interested, please visit us at experiencenetops.broadcom.com, and request access

    Enhance connected experiences

    • Cloud Reachability helps organizations accelerate network cloud transformations by providing visibility into managed and 3rd-party networks for performance validation. View network performance site-to-site, site-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud for business-critical apps and services by combining various monitoring data sources, including the integration of AppNeta’s active visibility.

    This new release delivers more comprehensive visibility and control to your Network Operations teams, helping you gain agility and speed in deploying and operating modern technologies while reducing costs and improving user experience. Elevate network management to the next level, optimizing operations, accelerating network transformation, and enhancing end-users connected experience.

    Attend the upcoming webcasts to learn about other exciting new features, early access capabilities and pre-release programs.

    Jeremy Rossbach

    As the Chief Technical Evangelist for NetOps by Broadcom, Jeremy is passionate about meeting with customers to identify their IT operational challenges and produce solutions that fit their business and network transformation goals. Prior to joining Broadcom, he spent over 15+ years working in IT, across both public...

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