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    January 18, 2022

    ValueOps Connectors: Increase Data Transparency and Fuel Enhanced Decision Making

    The promise of Value Stream Management (VSM) is self-evident: by optimizing value streams, organizations can deliver higher value products and services to customers and do so more quickly and efficiently. By taking a holistic approach, teams can enhance the entire value lifecycle and unite the enterprise. As outlined in a prior post, VSM can be invaluable in eliminating the organizational silos that impede progress.

    However, making this promise a reality in a large enterprise is proving to be a challenge, and for many there’s a key obstacle: data. Too often, data is locked in tool silos. This presents a couple key challenges:

    • First, it makes it too difficult to find the right data at the right time.
    • Second, and even more importantly, it precludes executives from gaining an understanding of the real picture of the business.

    Ultimately, it either takes too long to get the insights needed or those insights are skewed—either way, decision making suffers.

    It is within this context that recent enhancements to Broadcom’s ValueOps solutions are so important. Now, our customers can leverage ValueOps connectors to offer bidirectional synchronization of data between our ValueOps solution and other tools at your organization. The release of these connectors represents the latest breakthrough in the continued evolution and innovation of Broadcom’s industry-leading ValueOps solution.

    ValueOps Connectors: Key Advantages

    With the connectors, you can optimize the flow of information across your value streams and eliminate errors, miscommunications, and problems associated with manual data collection.

    The following sections outline a few of the primary advantages teams can realize from these capabilities.

    Unify Work Item Data from All Teams—No Matter What Tools They’re Working With

    With a ValueOps connector you can sync work items from Jira and other agile planning tools with your ValueOps solution. Aggregate data for complete transparency and visibility into the status of work teams, release trains, and portfolios. Align work items that matter to your team, including features, stories, tasks, defects, test cases, and more.

    Gain Real-Time Status—In One Place

    Connect the tools developers use the most, such as GitHub, so you can reduce context switching, while gaining real-time visibility of work status. By connecting the status of work items with the status of push and pull requests, you can maximize transparency. At the same time, you can reduce the need for manual, time consuming, and error-prone status updates.

    Reduce the Waste of Duplicated Information

    Connect ValueOps with your support desk applications so you can eliminate the need to duplicate information in both support tickets and the tools used to manage work. In addition, connect the activities associated with fixing an issue and the ticket associated with that issue. This means teams interact directly with customers so the teams can get real-time information on issue status.

    Create a Holistic, Enterprise-Wide View

    Establish a single source of truth that helps fuel improved decision making and execution, which can dramatically reduce the time and effort teams across the organization have to dedicate to reporting. With the ValueOps Connectors, you can leverage a complete data set across your entire organization with all your tools to make more informed decisions, and better align your product development efforts to support your strategy.


    ValueOps Connectors add a powerful new dimension to VSM. When data from multiple tools and platforms used by different disciplines is aggregated and synchronized, executives get a truly interconnected view of the entire enterprise from initial strategy to final deliverables, with insights that are impossible to achieve when information is locked in silos.
    Integrated, real-time data amplifies the ability of a VSM platform such as ValueOps to accelerate the creation of customer value. This improved platform immediately surfaces opportunities to align better, eliminate friction, accelerate development, reduce costs, and improve both quality and accountability.

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