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    February 13, 2023

    Report: How VSM Will Fuel Digital Transformation in 2023

    As businesses look to advance their critical digital transformation initiatives, Value Stream Management (VSM) has emerged as an increasingly prevalent discipline. How many have employed VSM strategies to date and why? Have VSM initiatives delivered the expected benefits?

    Download our new report and get answers to these questions and more. Drawing from a survey of more than 500 IT and business leaders, this report reveals:

    • The top three challenges businesses face in 2023 – exposing a new trend
    • Why 86% of companies have adopted VSM or are planning to
    • The top goals companies want to achieve through VSM adoption and the top benefits they’ve seen

    Get your copy of this report and gain key insights into the current state of VSM—and where it’s heading in 2023.



    Heather Spring

    Heather is a senior-level Product Marketing expert with 20+ years in high-tech, including hardware, software and SaaS. Her experience is in full product lifecycle management, from engineering development to manufacturing, from ops to marketing and from product/software release to sales. Her Agile background fosters...

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