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    August 12, 2022

    Webinar: Quality Engineering at Agile Speed for Digital Transformations

    Join us for a candid discussion on what you can expect from the Infosys-Broadcom Software partnership, plus what you can gain from Broadcom Software’s unique perspective on the DevOps market.

    Shamim Ahmed, CTO DevOps, Broadcom Software, along with Infosys leaders Harleen Bedi (Head Innovation and Alliances for QE), Venkatesh Iyengar (AVP & Global QE Sales Head), and Hardik Patel (Associate Director – Digital QE) will offer their views on:

    • Infosys-Broadcom Software partnership strategies
    • Broadcom Software insights for today’s DevOps market
    • High-level Broadcom Software product overview
    • Real world success stories
    You can register for the webinar here.

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