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    February 24, 2022

    Have a Worry-Free Upgrade

    The waiting can be intensely stressful.

    You are mid-way through a critical production upgrade during the weekend. The schedule is tight. Suddenly there is an unexpected problem you aren’t able to resolve. You need help. So, you call in a support ticket. 

    And that’s when the waiting starts. While you’re waiting for the support team to review and get back to you, questions race through your mind: How quickly will they respond to the ticket? Do they have all the data they need to resolve the issue? Will the production upgrade be completed inside the outage window? Maybe it would be best to back out now and cancel the upgrade? But if I do cancel now, the next maintenance window isn’t for another three months. 

    Make no mistake, production upgrades of any kind are fraught with worry and risk.

    It doesn’t need to be this way.

    If you are planning a Broadcom Automation upgrade, you can now take advantage of our new “Broadcom Designated Upgrade Weekend events.” Free to Broadcom Support customers, these events are designed to improve the outcomes of production environment upgrades.

    What are these events?

    You might not need to call on Broadcom Support during your production upgrade. After all, over 98% of upgrades where customers provided their plan and followed Broadcom Support’s feedback were successful.

    However, by scheduling your upgrade during one of the Designated Upgrade Weekend events, you have the reassurance of knowing that Broadcom’s experts are by your side. Not only do these people understand your environment and Broadcom Automation configuration, but they manage these sorts of upgrades week-in, week-out and truly care that you succeed.

    How do the events work?

    Broadcom Support and Engineering will be on-hand during upcoming designated weekends to help you quickly overcome any unexpected roadblocks you might come up against during your production upgrade. Whatever the query related to your upgrade, Broadcom teams are on standby with expert assistance.

    Upcoming Production Designated Upgrade Weekend events are confirmed, with more planned. The dates are:

    • April 9th – 10th, 2022 (Automic Automation v21 and AppWorx 9.4.1)
    • April 23rd – 24th, 2022 (AutoSys Workload Automation 12.0 SP1)
    • June 18th – 19th, 2022 (AutoSys Workload Automation 12.0 SP1)
    • July 16th – 17th, 2022 (Automic Automation v21, AppWorx 9.4.1, and Dollar Universe v7)

    To participate in these events, you need to inform Support about which weekend you intend to upgrade. This could be through your accounts team, raising a Sev4 case on Broadcom Support, or completing our online form.

    We will also need your upgrade plan at least a month before the event so that support can review and provide updates to your plan. This way, our team is fully informed about your implementation plan and will use the shared insights to react more immediately to any issues you may experience. 

    Why upgrades matter

    You may wonder, “why do I need to upgrade?” Just a few of the many reasons include:

    • Minimize risk across your business-critical applications and infrastructure
    • Guarantee you are on the latest releases with the most critical fixes
    • Receive the latest features and functionality, latest certifications, and third-party integrations
    • Eliminate service and support interruptions that could negatively impact your IT operations

    Sign up for proactive notifications about the latest releases on the Broadcom Support Portal. You can also view the product lifecycle of products on the portal.

    Complete this online form to register interest in the Broadcom Designated Upgrade Weekend events.

    Shannon Hebert

    In his 20-plus years of Technical Support/Escalation Management career, Shannon Hebert has spent 11 years at Broadcom leading the Automation Support spaces in both distributed and mainframe. For the past seven years, Shannon has been responsible for ensuring best-in-class support for our global Automation customers....

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