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    January 8, 2024

    Cloud Integrations from Automation by Broadcom: Streamlining Workload Automation in IICS

    Automation by Broadcom offers cloud integrations for Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) for Automic Automation, AutoSys and dSeries. IICS is a comprehensive cloud-based integration platform offered by Informatica, a leading company in data management and integration solutions.

    Improving management of workload automation in IICS

    IICS allows for externally scheduled processing to trigger and manage their data integration and processing tasks. This facility offers several benefits and use cases:

    1. Flexibility and integration with existing workflows

    Interoperability: External scheduling enables integration with existing enterprise scheduling tools or workflows. Organizations can leverage their preferred scheduling tools or systems already in place without disrupting established processes.

    Seamless Workflow Integration: Users can trigger Informatica tasks, jobs, or workflows directly from their existing scheduling environments, ensuring a smooth and coordinated data integration process within broader operational workflows.

    2. Enhanced automation and coordination

    Automated Execution: External schedulers allow for the automated execution of IICS jobs or tasks based on predefined schedules or triggers, reducing manual intervention and ensuring timely data processing.

    Centralized Management: Integration with external schedulers centralizes the management of scheduling tasks across various systems, simplifying overall workflow orchestration and reducing the complexity of managing multiple schedules separately.

    3. Advanced scheduling capabilities

    Complex Scheduling Scenarios: External scheduling tools offer advanced scheduling capabilities, such as dependency management, conditional execution, and sophisticated job chaining, which can be utilized to orchestrate complex data workflows involving Informatica tasks.

    4. Compliance and governance

    Regulatory Compliance: External scheduling can aid in meeting compliance requirements by allowing organizations to schedule and document data integration processes in alignment with regulatory guidelines or internal governance policies.

    5. Integration with enterprise ecosystem

    Enterprise Ecosystem Integration: Many organizations already have standardized scheduling tools or enterprise-wide scheduling solutions. Integrating IICS tasks with these tools allows for better synergy within the broader ecosystem of IT operations.

    The solution: Automation by Broadcom cloud integrations

    Automation by Broadcom offers robust scheduling that enables users to manage dependencies across pipelines, integrations, applications, and processes. These solutions deliver end-to-end visibility across on-premises deployments and various cloud environments, including IICS. Today, Automic Automation, AutoSys, and dSeries offer integrations with IICS.

    Automation by Broadcom allows you to easily integrate IICS workloads with your existing enterprise workload automation solution. Simply define your IICS data integrations and use your Automation by Broadcom solution to manage the scheduling of these workflows.

    Through these integrations, you can bring the advanced capabilities of Automation by Broadcom to your IDMC environments. From within your Automation by Broadcom solution, you can:

    • Run IICS data integration jobs, and monitor them from start to completion.
    • Resume suspended IDMC data integration jobs.
    • Stop a running task or taskflow.
    • View execution logs for problem diagnosis.
    • Generate alerts when IDMC tasks or taskflows fail.
    • Incorporate IDMC processing into existing, cross-enterprise automation workflows, including enforcing dependencies.

    Benefits of Enterprise Automation by Broadcom

    There are many benefits to extending enterprise automation to cloud processing environments like IICS. The solution gives you unified automation observability of your cloud processing.

    With Automation by Broadcom, you can effectively establish a “manager of managers,” employing a unified tool to govern several disparate cloud scheduling and workflow orchestration solutions. In this way, you can gain end-to-end business process visibility across all your cloud and on-premises workloads.

    By extending your existing enterprise automation to IICS-based business processing, you can regain centralized command and control. Automation by Broadcom enables you to capitalize on the power of predictive analytics with smart alerting. In addition, you can use advanced SLA management, reporting, and audit capabilities.

    Learn more about Broadcom’s cloud integrations

    Broadcom’s Automation Marketplace makes it easy to browse and search for cloud integrations available for Automation by Broadcom. The site features information on all Broadcom cloud integrations, including those for IICS, as well as AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry, Databricks, Google Cloud, and many more.

    Visit the Automation Marketplace to get access to integration details, technical documents, and software downloads.

    Tony Beeston

    Tony is a 30-year veteran that started in IT Operations working for financial services and telecommunications companies in the UK. He has spent the last 20 years specializing in delivering modern automation to businesses globally. Starting as a consultant designing and delivering automation policies to companies...

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