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    September 23, 2021

    Streamline Migration and Application Onboarding in DX APM with EasySeries

    To realize the full potential of APM, many customers are migrating from their existing APM 10.7 clusters to DX APM. In addition, they continue to onboard new applications for monitoring. These efforts require a series of steps, including the configuration of experience views, universes, and DX Operational Intelligence services. Depending on your specific migration or onboarding needs, there may be more items to address, such as management modules, alerts, notification channels, domains, and policies.

    These steps can be time consuming and labor intensive, and they can have an adverse impact on the customer experience. This becomes even more evident when you are in time sensitive situations like POVs, where you must deploy and show value quickly.

    Introducing EasySeries

    EasySeries is a set of field-developed utilities from Broadcom. These utilities are designed to address the challenges above.

    Consider the following three use cases:

    1. APM 10.7 to DX APM Migration with EasyMigrator

    Over the years, our customers have developed numerous management modules, email alerts, and domains that need to be migrated. Further, customers will have to map each and every domain to the universe and associate management modules to the universe and then create experience views, email channels, and services in DX Operational Intelligence. There are sometimes hundreds of domains and this could take months.

    With EasyMigrator you can do almost all of these tasks in minutes and only worry about customization or one-off configuration items. Moreover, with EasyMigrator’s simple configuration, you can map multiple 10.7 clusters to your DX SaaS tenants and run them all at once. Your internal customers can start getting the value out of the tool immediately.


    Figure 1: EasyMigrator automates the tasks of mapping domains and management modules to the universe. It then creates experience views, email channels, and services in DX Operational Intelligence.

    2. New Application Onboarding with EasyOnboarder

    Application onboarding requires many configuration steps, such as the creation of management modules, universes, experience views, notification templates, and alerts. There are also best practices around attributes, what we call Attribute-Driven Everything, which are time consuming to create if done manually. With EasyOnboarder all this can be done in minutes, providing your customer with a 5-star onboarding experience.


    Figure 2: EasyOnboarder automates configuration steps for application onboarding cutting time to value down to minutes.

    3. Tenant-to-Tenant Replication with EasyReplicator

    Imagine you are setting up your DevOps pipeline and going through various stages, such as development, QA, pre-production, and so on, as part of the release pipeline. The applications are reporting to multiple tenants and the challenge is to replicate configuration items (i.e., experience views, universes, policies, and so on) across the tenants. This could take days or weeks.

    EasyReplicator helps you get the job done in minutes. Specify your source tenant and your destination tenant, and within minutes, you will have a brand-new tenant ready to rock and roll.


    Figure 3: EasyReplicator automates replication of configurations across tenants, getting the job done in minutes.

    EasySeries is designed to be zero touch and can operate with your favorite CI/CD tool.

    In Conclusion

    EasySeries works. We recently worked with a large retail customer to help them migrate from APM 10.7 to our next-generation DX APM solution. A configuration with over 90 management modules, 6000 alarms, 25 domains/universes/experience views, 116 agent expression attributes, and 90 policies and notification channels could have taken weeks, but with EasySeries, it took only minutes.

    The EasySeries set of utilities not only establishes best practices by creating attributes and enforcing naming conventions, but also helps you and your internal customers reduce time to value, increase adoption, and deliver a 5-star customer experience.

    To learn more about EasySeries, contact your local Broadcom sales team or email us at: aiops-se-solution-info.pdl@broadcom.com.

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    Srikant Noorani

    Srikant Noorani is a Senior Technical Advisor within the Customer Solution Engineering business specializing in APM, AIOps, DevOps, cloud, and container technologies space. With 20 years of experience from startups to big enterprises and was key in the delivery of one of the world's largest APM deployments, Srikant is...

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