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    September 30, 2021

    Innovate Faster and at Scale with Automic Automation v21

    What connects Falcon 9 rockets, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and the Olympics sprint champion Marcell Jacobs? It’s the need for speed. The desire to always go faster, achieve results more quickly, and outpace the competition.

    This need for speed is also the driving force behind the latest release of our unified service orchestration and automation platform: Automic Automation v21. Our overriding vision has been to reimagine the platform, introducing innovative new features that enable your business to achieve its digital transformation goals faster, stay in front of change, and prepare for whatever comes next.

    This latest release continues the modernization of the existing automation engine architecture. It also underscores Broadcom’s commitment to ensuring Automic Automation remains the trusted platform to tackle tomorrow’s technology challenges—from the mainframe to microservices, and everything in between.

    Before we look under the covers at what’s new, you’ll notice the version branding is different too: The version number is now the year of release to make it simpler for you to follow the product lifecycle.

    Orchestration and automation innovations in Automic Automation v21 are all forward looking, and are unified in fostering agility, speed, and reliability. Here’s what’s new:

    Native, Flexible Kubernetes Deployment Option

    Automic Automation v21 continues the modernization of the automation engine architecture, providing a cloud agnostic, cost-effective, and flexible Kubernetes deployment option. This enables you to reduce the operational complexity associated with deploying, updating, and scaling Automic Automation instances, so you can optimize your cloud investments.

    Industry-Standard, Secure Communication

    As you accelerate your adoption of cloud technologies, the need for industry-standard, secure communication is more important than ever. In response, Automic Automation v21 introduces standardized TLS-based protocols for all inter-component communication, further enhancing automation security across on-premises and cloud networks. A new TLS gateway has also been introduced to connect existing and non-TLS compliant agents in v21. This streamlines the Automic Automation upgrade process, allowing agents to be upgraded over time, and eliminating a “big-bang” approach to upgrades.

    Increased Resilience with AIOps Intelligent Remediation

    The latest release enhances AIOps monitoring and correlation with pre-built intelligent recommendations and automated remediation capabilities. The result? Your IT operations teams reduce MTTR through automated diagnostics, triage, and remediation. Moreover, Broadcom helps you create more resilient production environments, streamlining your Site Reliability Engineering initiatives.

    Intuitive Web Interface Enhancements

    This release includes several customer-requested enhancements to the Automic Web Interface and other changes—all designed around simplicity and ease of use. These include persistent ciews for user settings; copy, past and export of VARA objects; interactive traffic lights in process monitoring; drag-and-drop support for schedule objects; tooltips; and more bulk operations.

    All these features have been developed by listening to our customers. You spoke and Broadcom acted. They have also been proven in real-world early adopter environments to help you manage complexity at scale.

    Learn More

    Now is the time to learn more about Automic Automation v21. Join us for a webinar on October 6, 2021 at 11am (Eastern Time). At the event, we will reveal what’s new in Automic Automation v21 and why the upgrade should be your next move. Register here

    Kaj Wierda

    Kaj Wierda is Senior Product Line Manager at Broadcom with responsibility for AIOps, Cloud, and Continuous Delivery automation strategy. He is considered a pioneer and veteran in the automation space, leading teams that created market-leading enterprise automation solutions. Kaj is based out of the Netherlands and...

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