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    September 15, 2022

    DX UIM 20.4, Cumulative Update 4: What’s New and Why Upgrade

    At Broadcom Software, we’re constantly trying to speed value delivery and minimize upgrade efforts for our customers. Toward that end, the DX Unified Infrastructure Management (DX UIM) team releases cumulative updates every calendar quarter. In addition to quality fixes, these cumulative updates include performance improvements, feature enhancements, and expanded platform support. Recently DX UIM 20.4, cumulative update 4, was released for both Operator Console and Server Core packs. These new capabilities deliver all-around improvement to the tool. Below are the key improvements included in this latest update. 

    Improved Operations and Usability

    Auto-Refresh Alarm View

    To improve the triage experience for L1/L2 operators, we’ve made updates to the alarm view  within the operator console. Now, users can control the auto-refresh feature, which updates the list of alarms in the alarm table view every 30 seconds by default. With the new release, users can turn the auto-refresh feature on or off. By turning auto-refresh off, the view in the alarm table will remain consistent until it is manually refreshed, which can be helpful when triaging a specific issue.  

    Broadcom Software Academy – DX UIM 20.4, Cumulative Update 4: What’s New and Why Upgrade

    Figure 1 : Auto refresh control option

    Users can also configure the auto-refresh interval. For more information, see the Auto-Refresh section in the Manage Alarms article.

    Retain Sort Order in Alarm View

    Within the alarm view, users can sort records based on any specific column. Now, DX UIM  retains these customized sort orders across user sessions, including after views are manually or automatically refreshed. By retaining the sort order, DX UIM makes it easier for users to find the specific alarm they’re triaging.

    Metric Selection Enhancement

    With DX UIM, users can collect hundreds of metrics for a device, across technologies. To manage device performance, users can create metric views for specific technologies. In the metric view, users can search by source, target, or metric. In the Create Metrics View dialog, users can expand all the metrics and select the metrics from the Metric Tree section. 

    Broadcom Software Academy – DX UIM 20.4, Cumulative Update 4: What’s New and Why Upgrade

    Figure 2: Search option in metric viewer

    For more information, see the Define and Save a Metrics View and Access the Created Metrics View sections in the documentation. 

    Dashboard Management Enhancements

    DX UIM makes it easier to access and navigate HTML5 dashboards that are available in the Operator Console. The user can access out-of-the-box dashboards in the newer DX UIM Dashboards view. Based on their requirements and preferences, users can also customize dashboards and create new dashboards.

    Broadcom Software Academy – DX UIM 20.4, Cumulative Update 4: What’s New and Why Upgrade

    Figure 3 : Dashboard management tab

    For more information, see the Dashboards section in the documentation.


    Platform Certifications and Enterprise Readiness

    Data Repository Improvements

    DX UIM’s data engine offers support for the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for Microsoft SQL Server databases. For more information, see the Configure the MS SQL Driver section of the documentation.  If the DX UIM database is running on Oracle, teams must install Oracle Instant Client version 19.14 or higher within the 19.x series. For more information, see the Install Oracle Instant Client section of the documentation. 

    Faster Certification of Robots in Linux Distributions

    DX UIM can now automatically certify existing Linux distributions that are based on the minimum supported GNU C Library (GLIBC) version. For more information, see the Linux section in the documentation. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), Debian, and Ubuntu are the Linux distributions certified for DX UIM. Other Linux distributions compatible with these would generally work. The robot has been explicitly verified to support RHEL 9, Ubuntu 22.04LTS, and Alma Linux.


    Broadcom Software Academy – DX UIM 20.4, Cumulative Update 4: What’s New and Why Upgrade


    Figure 4 : Latest Linux distributions certified for the robot

    CA Business Intelligence (CABI) for Reporting

    In this latest release, JasperReports Server has been upgraded from 7.5.0 to 8.0.0 in the CABI probe. For more information, refer to the CABI version support page. Compared to 7.5.0, this version of CABI provides additional support for these platforms:

    Operating systems:

    • RHEL x64 versions 7.8, 8.0, and 8.2
    • SLES x64 version 15


    • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
    • Security and Quality Fixes

    The DX UIM team continues to make security improvements. As part of the team’s DevSecOps practices, proactive scans are conducted throughout the development process. Many third-party libraries have been updated to remove potential vulnerabilities. Refer to this solution document for details around security fixes.

    For more details, refer to the What’s New in DX UIM 20.4 CU4 section in the documentation.

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    Ashish Aggarwal

    Ashish is an accomplished, customer-focused product manager with 15 years of experience envisioning and delivering market-leading enterprise grade products. Ashish currently heads the product management for DX UIM offering full stack Infrastructure Observability at Broadcom.

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