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    December 7, 2021

    Broadcom Announces Acquisition of AppNeta

    As consumers, we are all intimately aware of our individual dependence on the internet. Now consider that dependency and apply it to the business-critical services that your company uses daily. Nearly overnight, companies are at the mercy of the internet, a network of public networks as nearly all employees work remotely and apps that were once hosted internally move to external SaaS providers. Missing a meaningless meme is one thing; missing a critical customer meeting or purchase order could mean material loss.

    I am excited to share that Broadcom has finalized our acquisition of AppNeta, which will help our customers better manage these internet-based dependencies and ensure quality of service in the same ways they have for private networks for decades. Based in Boston and founded in 2011, AppNeta provides proactive network monitoring solutions for business-critical applications over any network. Using AppNeta, IT and network operations teams have access to essential data to monitor and measure the performance of their web, mobile, and cloud-delivered application environments.

    AppNeta builds on our heritage of network monitoring and is an ideal complement to Broadcom’s current set of DX NetOps solutions, which are used by enterprises and cloud service providers to analyze and optimize performance of traditional and software-defined architectures. Paired together, Broadcom DX NetOps and AppNeta enable network operations teams to monitor and improve performance over all networks – even internet-based access methods that are so prevalent for remote workers and SaaS-based apps today.

    I’m sincerely excited about both the near-term advantage AppNeta will give our customers, as well as gaining new long-term ability to advance network intelligence and analytics capabilities working within Broadcom’s broader portfolio. Corporate networks are now intertwined with internet-based networks and can make (or break) companies’ ability to deliver new innovative digital services to win market share. I look forward to working with AppNeta’s employees and partners to further execute their vision and help our customers optimize their network operations to better achieve business outcomes. Read the media alert here and stay connected with us on Twitter and LinkedIn for future developments that are sure to come with the integration of this exciting technology.

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    Serge Lucio

    Serge Lucio is Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Software Division at Broadcom (ESD). In this role, he is responsible for the company's BizOps solutions that help organizations scale their digital transformation by fusing business and IT. Mr. Lucio joined the company through the CA Technologies...

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