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    January 20, 2022

    ValueOps Connectors for Rally: Ditch Data Silos, Without Ditching Your Agile Tools

    To truly fulfill the promise of Enterprise Agility, it’s essential to gain complete traceability across the execution lifecycle, from initial investments through delivery. Rally Software certainly is an answer to help many organizations fulfill this objective.

    Within some of those organizations, however, there’s been an imposing barrier to realizing this vision: Agile management leaders are working in Rally, while development teams may be working with other agile planning and delivery tools such as Jira. 

    These distinct tools create distinct data sets, which in turn create a number of problems:

    • Inefficiency. Staff have to contend with manual, time-consuming efforts to pull data from different areas to generate reports.
    • Inaccuracy. Manual efforts lead to delays, are error prone, and compromise data integrity, all of which can all degrade decision making and execution. 
    • Disconnectedness. When data is held in isolation, teams can miss vital connections and context.

    The bottom line is that with siloed data sets, productivity and decision making suffer, and teams struggle to optimize their value streams the way they need to. Without complete traceability, leaders can’t effectively make strategic decisions about removing excess cost and determining where to reinvest in order to maximize growth. 

    ValueOps Connectors Make Rally Your Company-Wide, Agile System of Record

    With ValueOps Connectors, you can gain the timely, contextual, and easily accessible insights that help optimize your value streams. With these latest enhancements to Broadcom's ValueOps solutions, you can connect all of the data from teams across the enterprise, regardless of the tools used.

    ValueOps Connectors offer bidirectional synchronization of data between Rally and your other tools. With the connectors, you can synchronize work items from Jira and other agile planning and delivery tools with your Rally solution. This includes work items such as features, epics, tasks, defects, test cases, and more. You can gain complete transparency and visibility into the status of your teams’ work, release trains, and portfolios, regardless of the tools they are using. As an agile leader, you can depend on a company-wide, agile system of record. 

    By leveraging Rally and ValueOps Connectors, your teams can realize:

    • Improved insights. With these capabilities, leaders can be better positioned to create realistic plans to optimize management of capacity, work-in-progress, dependencies, and risks, as well as track efforts throughout the value stream.
    • Greater convenience. Leaders can gain fast, efficient access to the current status of teams working in Jira (and other tools), without ever having to leave Rally. 
    • Enhanced flexibility. While leaders can work from a single system of record, teams can continue to work with their preferred tools. 
    • Increased accuracy. Instead of relying on manual reporting — which can introduce currency, accuracy, and integrity issues — teams can work from a consistent, continuously-updated data set. 
    • Enhanced productivity. By reducing the time-consuming, error-prone efforts associated with manual reporting, teams can spend more time focusing on the tactics and initiatives that really matter. 


    With ValueOps Connectors, your teams can improve efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and decision making. By connecting Rally with data from Jira and other agile planning and delivery tools, your teams reduce the effort and risk of processing data in isolation and instead, see the interconnected story that the data is telling. Plus, all this is possible while different teams continue using their preferred tools.

    Now is the time to learn more about how this unified intelligence can benefit your organization.

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