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December 2, 2021

Q&A: Scandinavian Engineering Giant Organizes Global Ops with Clarity

by: Alf Abuhajleh

If you are running a global business that supports numerous industries, on the forefront of innovation around sustainability, and operating in a rapidly accelerating industry, you better be able to organize all your enterprise investments quickly and effectively. That’s exactly what one Scandinavian company we recently spoke to needed to achieve. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

What were the challenges you needed to overcome to be successful?

We had no clear understanding of the projects we were doing. Projects were being approved without a clear alignment with strategic priorities, departments weren’t sure what work was being done on their behalf, and managing dependencies across initiatives was almost impossible. The fundamental underlying problem was that we didn’t have a single consistent platform for tracking and managing our projects.

How did you go about addressing those problems?

We determined that we needed a single platform that could support all of our projects. We needed to not only have all the work in one system, but also to have effective tracking and management. All stakeholders needed to see what was happening so investments could be focused on the right areas, approvals could be made with greater understanding, and the performance of our enterprise portfolio could improve.

What did you do, and how did it help?

We selected Clarity from Broadcom and established it as the standard for all our projects, immediately eliminating existing knowledge gaps. Stakeholders had greater insight into the work being done on their behalf. We improved our ability to prioritize and approve appropriate investments. We could develop roadmaps for each business area.

Working in an industry that is at the forefront of sustainability, we have also been able to use Clarity to help manage R&D initiatives, putting checkpoints and reviews in place that allow us to quickly review and prioritize investments that offer the most potential while controlling costs. Our project managers have been critical to everything we have been able to achieve; they comprise about half of the system users. They have embraced the platform and driven the adoption of the modern UX, the creation of templates to support their work, and the management of all work.

How is this driving your success?

Quite simply, without Clarity we wouldn’t be able to organize ourselves. Clarity enables us to manage and prioritize our investment portfolios, provides business areas with insight into their current work and allows them to develop roadmaps for future work, and supports regular status reporting to our executives.

We make better prioritization and investment decisions, and those lead directly to greater business performance. We have a better understanding of the dependencies across different teams and initiatives, which supports better decision making. As we extend the use of Clarity to R&D areas of the business — and even into manufacturing facilities —those strengths are reaching further and driving even greater levels of performance.