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    August 25, 2022

    New Episode: Super Rally and the Antipattern Nemesis

    There is nothing more powerful than a thriving community of users where questions and answers flow freely. Rally is fortunate to have thousands of growth-minded community members who ask great questions and offer creative solutions.

    Now, we’re taking top-rated questions and answers from our community and summarizing them into a Rally Tips and Tricks document called “Super Rally and The Antipattern Nemesis.”

    In each episode, we cluster two or three top-rated questions and answers on a related topic. If the Rally Community of users believes these topics are important, you should have access to this great knowledge too!

    Have FOMO (fear of missing out)? You can jump into the Rally Community at any time here. And check out links to all of the episodes below!

    • Episode 10: Kanban for Tasks (NEW)
    • Episode 9: “Defect State" Field vs. "Scheduled State" Field
    • Episode 8: The Case of the Mysterious Parent Child Relationship
    • Episode 7: Mastering Syntax
    • Episode 6: Know Your States
    • Episode 5: Reporting and Values
    • Episode 4: Bedtime User Stories
    • Episode 3: Product Development Mantra: Veni, Vidi, Vici
    • Episode 2: Master Your Defects and Risks
    • Episode 1: Don't Lose Your Cool
    Tag(s): ValueOps , Rally

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