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    June 6, 2023

    Broadcom Adds ConnectALL’s Technology to its ValueOps VSM Portfolio

    Enhancing Enterprise Innovation and Driving Digital Transformation

    Today, I am very pleased to announce that Broadcom has added ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Technology to its ValueOps Portfolio. This addition complements Broadcom’s ValueOps solution of Rally® and Clarity™, further extending and defining its leadership position in the VSM market space.

    Once we started working with ConnectALL to power third-party integrations, we quickly discovered that our two companies share a similar vision of empowering organizations to transform their business and drive change for the betterment of people, purpose, and planet through value stream management.

    This sentiment is shared by ConnectALL's president and CEO, Lance Knight, who said, "Over the past several years, ConnectALL has built a strong, reputable business and developed an award-winning value stream management platform used by some of the world's largest enterprises. Through it all, we have focused on enabling and empowering people. Today, we are eager to announce that Broadcom will be adding ConnectALL’s technology to the ValueOps portfolio of VSM solutions. ConnectALL is an organization that shares our values and vision for the transformative role of technology. With Broadcom's market leadership and pedigree combined with ConnectALL's proven capabilities, together we will help drive the digital transformations needed to fuel innovation."

    Broadcom's strength has always been its ability to meet both the market and its customers with the best solutions to help them solve their most complex challenges.

    The combination of ValueOps and ConnectALL’s complementary technology will allow customers to connect and integrate a variety of third-party software tools and platforms and accelerate digital transformation efforts by radically improving visibility, alignment, and efficiency across the organization.  

    Broadcom remains committed to delivering unprecedented value to our customers. ConnectALL's proven capabilities joined with the innovative ValueOps roadmap will yield the industry's most comprehensive VSM platform and best in class solution for transforming the largest, most complex enterprise environments. Today's announcement exemplifies this commitment and is the first step in integrating ConnectALL into the ValueOps offering. 

    Serge Lucio

    Serge Lucio is Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Software Division at Broadcom (ESD). In this role, he is responsible for the company's BizOps solutions that help organizations scale their digital transformation by fusing business and IT. Mr. Lucio joined the company through the CA Technologies...

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