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    October 2, 2023

    AutoSys Sees Continued Innovation, Expanded Multi-Cloud Support

    Mark Twain is often quoted as saying that the reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. It turns out Twain was merely traveling abroad when these rumors started. After several newspapers published articles indicating that Twain was dead, a reporter thought he’d do some investigation and try to contact Twain to find out if the stories were true. Ultimately, Twain responded with his famous quip. Contrary to the rumors, Twain himself was alive and in the best of health.

    It's funny how rumors get started, sometimes innocently, sometimes intentionally. Sometimes, they take on a life of their own. They appear to be true and, often, without further inspection, they are accepted as fact. But a little investigation at the source can often reveal a different story. That’s the case with AutoSys by Broadcom.

    AutoSys was released in the early 90’s and it has stood the test of time, going through several acquisitions and numerous product updates. Broadcom has a strong following of highly engaged AutoSys customers who are running multi-billion dollar businesses and are extremely satisfied with the solution’s management of their mission-critical workloads. These customers have no intention of switching to another platform.

    Why? There are a lot of reasons. Perhaps it’s AutoSys’ practical approach to batch processing. Or maybe it’s the dynamic scheduling capabilities, or its flexibility, or its proactive alerting and advanced SLA management. Take your pick. People choose (and keep) products that work and innovate, regardless of their age.

    So, as a leader in automation, it is not surprising that upstart automation vendors will try to knock Broadcom off its perch. They’ve taken the time-worn approach of saying that this older technology is legacy, and lacks innovation. But it isn’t true.  This is one of those rumors that can easily be dispelled if you go to the source. The team at Broadcom continues to bring innovations to AutoSys. Here are a few recent blog posts that offer evidence of this continued innovation:

    You may need your automation solutions to work in the cloud because you are digitally transforming your business, with new data pipelines across multi-cloud environments. You may think that only newer vendors of cloud automation tools can support your efforts. Representatives from one of those upstart vendors may have even told you that older tools such as AutoSys cannot support your cloud initiatives, but this is simply not the case. In a recent automation article, Serge Lucio, GM at Broadcom, said this:

    “…Data pipeline tools alone will not deliver the service availability and accuracy levels that mission-critical data pipelines demand. They must be coupled with proven WLA solutions that ironically have been in place at most enterprises for decades."

    AutoSys keeps delivering innovations

    AutoSys is alive and well, continues to see innovation, and is in lock step with the latest advancements in cloud automation technologies. Here’s a sampling of some of the more recent innovations available in AutoSys:

    • Advanced SLA management and proactive alerting
    • Updated Web UI and revamped user interface for Automation Analytics & Intelligence
    • New framework to accelerate publication of new job types
    • Integrated cloud storage for event-based automation
    • Controls for cloud-native scheduling in Airflow and its managed services  
    • Simplified security through privileged access management integrations and security profiles
    • Numerous new job types to integrate with Cloud SaaS solutions like Databricks, Azure DataFactory and SAP
    • Extended APIs to facilitate programmatic manipulation of AutoSys by third parties

    If you aren’t bringing your IT operations and cloud architect teams together to collaborate, you’re missing a huge opportunity to accelerate your automation and digital initiatives. Each team can complement and benefit from the other.

    There are countless satisfied teams that are using AutoSys to achieve their cloud initiatives and run their mission-critical operations. But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to Fannie Mae’s Lee Peterson discuss how he has used AutoSys to bring together cloud architects and IT operations staff and successfully refactor and build new applications in the cloud.

    And then take a peek at Broadcom’s cloud automation integrations at our Automation Marketplace.

    AutoSys Workload Automation has never gone away! AutoSys represents the past, present, and future of workload automation and will be here to support your digital transformation in the years to come. Curious to see more? Request a demo today.

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    Aline Gerew

    Aline Gerew is the Head of Automation for the Agile Operations Division at Broadcom. She is responsible for delivering value through innovation. Aline has been with Broadcom for 35 years leading various technology areas within Mainframe and Enterprise, including Automation, IT Service Management, DevOps, Application...

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