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    Case Study

    Investment Management Firm Uses Automation Intelligence to Optimize Workload Automation and Improve Service Delivery

    One of the largest investment firms in the world amassed an estate of more than 150 applications, many of which powered critical services that the business and customers relied on extensively. With trillions of dollars in assets under management, this firm delivers a wide range of investment products and services and has grown increasingly dependent upon automation.

    "AutoSys is the nervous system of our company, and with AAI, we’re getting the unified visibility and control we need."

    Senior Workload Automation Manager



    Ensuring the reliable performance of large-scale, business-critical environment that features approximately 65,000 batch automation jobs.

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    Employed AutoSys Workload Automation to manage complex workloads that run across a diverse set of environments and selected Automation Analytics & Intelligence (AAI) to establish unified observability of workloads and the business processes they support.

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    Reduced failure rates from around 10% to less than .002%, achieved dramatic gains in job completion times, and shaved one-and-a-half hours off their nightly batch processes.


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