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    January 9, 2024

    DX UIM 23.4 Sets a New Standard for Infrastructure Observability

    DX Unified Infrastructure Management 23.4 (DX UIM 23.4) is now available. DX UIM 23.4 is the latest version of our cornerstone, full-stack infrastructure observability solution for hybrid cloud and traditional data center environments. DX UIM is a key component of AIOps by Broadcom, a suite of solutions that leverage best-of-breed domain monitoring tools and advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights and enable intelligent automation across the IT operations stack.

    DX UIM 23.4 offers new features and enhancements that will help drive digital transformation, delivering deep domain knowledge across hybrid cloud infrastructure elements. This latest release sets a new standard for optimized IT operations service delivery and innovation. Here are the highlights of DX UIM 23.4:

    Observability View Designer and Observability View

    These new features enable custom, role-based contextual views by collating underlying reports and dashboards created on the Operator Console. This enables users to generate a rich contextual view for infrastructure management, share observability views across users, and pin these views as a home screen. Users can also tag observability views on the menu. This enables users to get quick access to a personalized dashboard that shows them exactly what they need to see.

    ESD_FY24_Academy-Blog.DX UIM 23-4 Sets a New Standard for Infrastructure Observability.Figure 1

    Figure 1: Observability View with DX UIM 23.4

    Enhanced personalization

    This feature supports customization of the left menu bar on the Operator Console to suit the unique needs of different roles. Users can organize the menu according to their needs and tag underlying capabilities for quicker access to items they manage.

    ESD_FY24_Academy-Blog.DX UIM 23-4 Sets a New Standard for Infrastructure Observability.Figure 2

    Figure 2: Personalization and Menu Customization

    Improved scale and resilience for Monitoring Configuration Service (MCS)

    DX UIM 23.4 delivers MCS enhancements that offer improved zero-touch monitoring configuration and alarm policy management. In addition, the release offers support for inventories in web-scale data centers. DX UIM 23.4 also offers better supportability and stability for customers migrating from legacy, probe-based methodologies to MCS-based monitoring and alarm policy configuration. MCS also now provides a better experience for users who are upgrading monitoring templates for probes. With this latest release, DX UIM provides a powerful and reliable tool that can handle any monitoring challenge with ease and efficiency. For more information, see the Monitoring Configuration Service page in the Tech Docs site.

    ESD_FY24_Academy-Blog.DX UIM 23-4 Sets a New Standard for Infrastructure Observability.Figure 3

    Figure 3 : Zero-Touch Monitoring via MCS

    Minimal user permission deployment and monitoring option

    DX UIM 23.4 supports an installation and monitoring option of the server and robots for non-admin/non-root users. This support is available on Windows x64 and Linux x64 platforms.

    ESD_FY24_Academy-Blog.DX UIM 23-4 Sets a New Standard for Infrastructure Observability.Figure 4

    Figure 4: Non-Root/Non-Admin User for Deployment and Monitoring

    Improved dashboard experience

    DX UIM 23.4 publishes its data schema to enable integration with third-party business intelligence tools, such as Grafana. If users want to standardize on this BI tool in their data center, they can do so through integration via DX UIM API access. To enable the sharing of dashboards among DX UIM users, a new workflow has been defined and implemented. This workflow enables users to save and share custom dashboards designed through the Dashboard Designer.

    Integrated help in Operator Console

    DX UIM 23.4 has a new, opt-in capability to support users by providing in-context access to technical documentation, blogs, product videos, knowledge base articles, and more.

    ESD_FY24_Academy-Blog.DX UIM 23-4 Sets a New Standard for Infrastructure Observability.Figure 5

    Figure 5: In-Product Content Enrichment (ICE)

    These are the marquee capabilities and enhancements available with DX UIM 23.4. To learn more about this release, visit the release notes, the product documentation, and the community page.

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    Ashish Aggarwal

    Ashish is an accomplished, customer-focused product manager with 15 years of experience envisioning and delivering market-leading enterprise grade products. Ashish currently heads the product management for DX UIM offering full stack Infrastructure Observability at Broadcom.

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