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July 29, 2022

GigaOm, Again Names Broadcom Leader in Radar Report for Network Observability, 2022

by: Jeremy Rossbach

Download your complimentary copy of the 2022 GigaOm Radar Report For Network Observability here.

As the 2022 GigaOm Radar Report for Network Observability states, "Network observability is a category of platforms and tools that go beyond device-centric network monitoring to provide truly relevant, end-to-end visibility and intelligence for all the traffic in your network, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or anywhere else."

This couldn’t be a better way to describe Broadcom Software’s latest innovations for industry-leading network observability and digital experience monitoring. At Broadcom Software, we strive to push the limits of network visibility, end-to-end monitoring, and leading-edge innovations. Now, with AppNeta, we are helping our customers adopt industry-leading capabilities, visibility, and coverage that transforms NOC triage and response times to reduce risk, lower cost of operations and protect revenue.

"We are proud to again be recognized as the leader in network observability by GigaOm for pushing the limits of end-user experience network monitoring. No other vendor has the depth and breadth of coverage across any network architecture, whether managed or unmanaged, anywhere in the world, to protect our customer's critical business services." - Serge Lucio, head of Broadcom Software Agile Operations Division

ESD_FY22_Academy-Blog.GigaOm Again Names Broadcom Leader in 2022 Radar Report for Network Observability.Figure 1

Download your complimentary copy of GigaOm’s report today and learn how:

  • Broadcom Software’s network observability solution offers comprehensive visibility across all types of enterprise network infrastructure, including network edge and out to ISP, SaaS, and cloud provider networks.
  • The solution’s capabilities rank high on a wide range of key criteria, including validation, traffic analysis, troubleshooting, security observability, and monitoring of application and Layer 7 resources.
  • Broadcom Software’s network observability is a very good candidate for carriers, system integrators, MSPs, and large enterprises.

We are very proud of being recognized a second year in a row as the highest-scoring leader in the network observability space. But it wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of our customers who push us to continually raise the bar for innovative network monitoring features and capabilities that assure resilient network delivery of their critical business services and user experiences.

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