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August 4, 2021

Baystate Health Employs DX NetOps to Manage Pandemic-Related Demand and Ensure 100% Network Availability

by: Jeremy Rossbach

As we all know, the pandemic changed everything, from the way we shopped to the way we received healthcare. It introduced a whole new way to interact with healthcare professionals for yearly check-ups, consultations, and more. The pandemic also put the network in the spotlight as a critical method to deliver reliable applications experiences. All, if not most medical professionals used the telehealth application as one of the only ways to provide quality patient care.

Rolling out a new application is hard enough for IT teams but combining that with the demands of a pandemic and having no user demand and network capacity baseline for a new application like the telehealth experience is beyond challenging.

So Baystate Health relied on Broadcom’s DX NetOps network monitoring software to ensure their networks would reliably support a new and expansive telehealth application while delivering a consistent, reliable experience for patients and providers.

Download the case study today to understand why Baystate Health said, “With DX NetOps network monitoring software, the team can deliver optimized experiences, even after the pandemic significantly increased network bandwidth consumption.” and “The team is able to maintain 100% network availability and ensure uninterrupted, high-quality patient care.”