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Get unified, high-scale, AI-driven network triage and automation for traditional, SDN and cloud networks with DX NetOps.

Visibility Anywhere: Key Takeaways from the NetOps Virtual Summit

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Industry Perspective

4 Imperatives for Monitoring Modern Networks

One of the few solutions integrating both dimensions of network monitoring and digital experience monitoring, Broadcom Software ensures the most comprehensive visibility into... Read eBook
Product Capabilities

Experience-Driven NetOps: Continuous, End-to-End Validation of SD-WAN Performance from the End-User Perspective

Find out how Broadcom offers the only solution in the industry that truly delivers end-to-end visibility into the performance of SD-WAN infrastructure. Read White Paper
Product Capabilities

Experience-Driven NetOps

See how Broadcom delivers the visibility needed to manage and optimize the performance of digital services running on traditional and modern networks. Read Solution Brief
Product Capabilities

Experience-Driven NetOps: Bringing Unified User Experience, Active Testing, and Network Path Analytics into the NOC

See how Broadcom solutions enable experience-driven NetOps, bringing unified user experience, active testing, and network path analytics into the NOC. Read White Paper
Product Capabilities

4 Imperatives for Monitoring Modern Networks

This eBook explores the four requirements for a modern network monitoring platform, revealing how it must provide insights aligned with the digital experience. Read eBook
Case Study

DICOS Ensures 100% Network Availability, Greater Operational Efficiency, and Improved Customer Experience with DX NetOps

Read how DICOS employs DX NetOps solutions to ensure 100% network availability, greater operational efficiency, and improved customer experience Read More

Network Monitoring Blogs

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March 25, 2022

Visibility Anywhere: Key Takeaways from the NetOps Virtual Summit

Find out about some of the key takeaways from the 2022 NetOps Summit, which was centered on the theme “visibility anywhere.” Read Now
March 11, 2022

NetOps Virtual Summit: March 23, 2022

Learn more about the exciting speakers and learning opportunities at Broadcom's upcoming NetOps Virtual Summit! Read Now
February 28, 2022

Latest Release of Our Network Monitoring Software Delivers AI-Driven Log Analytics

DX NetOps Insights network monitoring software helps you collect and analyze every metric important to resilient network delivery. Read Now
February 14, 2022

Broadcom Software Launches Cloud-Based Log Analytics Service for Data-Driven Network Visibility

DX NetOps Insights complements traditional network monitoring with SaaS-based machine learning to improve triage accuracy and time. Read Now
December 7, 2021

Broadcom and AppNeta: Better Together

The combination of Broadcom and AppNeta delivers an industry-leading Network Observability Anywhere solution. Read Now
December 7, 2021

AppNeta Brings Borderless Monitoring to Broadcom’s NetOps Solution

With the acquisition of AppNeta, Broadcom will be able to deliver NetOps customers a seamless “borderless monitoring” experience. Read Now
December 7, 2021

Broadcom Announces Acquisition of AppNeta

Broadcom and AppNeta will help our customers better manage internet-based dependencies and ensure quality of service. Read Now
October 12, 2021

Broadcom Showcases Award-Winning Network Observability at ONUG Fall 2021

At the ONUG Fall 2021 event, we’ll be showcasing award-winning DX NetOps network monitoring software, powered by next-generation silicon and telemetry. Read Now
October 12, 2021

AIOps Summit Recap: Why Observability is Key, and How to Get There

This post offers a recap of the AIOps and Observability Virtual Summit, underscoring some of the key parallels between modern network ops and rocket science. Read Now
October 8, 2021

Facebook Outage Underscores Risks of Modern SDN Networks

This post examines how the major outage at Facebook highlights the difficulties operations teams face in managing modern, software-defined networks. Read Now