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DX NetOps

Get unified, high-scale, AI-driven network triage and automation for traditional, SDN and cloud networks with DX NetOps.


How AIOps from Broadcom Addresses Top NPM Usability Complaints

This white paper examines how enterprises are applying AIOps technology to network performance management (NPM) tools to make their networks more reliable and secure. Read Report

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Case Study

Fujitsu Reduces Alarm Noise by 70% with DX NetOps

Broadcom and Fujitsu in central Europe have been technology partners for more than 20 years. Through this partnership, Fujitsu has been able to realize increased operational... Read More
Case Study

Global Software Company Realizes 85% Alarm Noise Reduction with DX NetOps

This global software company started using DX NetOps to do monitoring of their SDN environments. The network operations team can now extend monitoring beyond the physical... Read More
Case Study

Large Financial Services Company Replaces SevOne with DX NetOps, Gains 8-times Increase in Visibility, Boosts Operational Efficiency

By migrating off of SevOne and moving to DX NetOps, the financial services organization has been able to establish high-scale network monitoring. With DX NetOps, the team can... Read More
Case Study

Baystate Health Employs DX NetOps to Contend with Pandemic-Related Demand and Ensure 100% Network Availability

Utilizing DX NetOps, Baystate Health is able to maintain 100% network availability and ensure uninterrupted, high-quality patient care. Read More
Case Study

Large UK Telecom Company Gains Increase in Operational Efficiencies and Delivers Future-Proofed SDN and Connectivity Services with DX NetOps

With DX NetOps from Broadcom, the team at this company can do discovery and reconciliation of SD-WAN networks. They are now able to confidently and efficiently assure their... Read More
Case Study

Oil and Gas Services Company Scales Remote Network Access to 60,000+ Employees and Maintains Business Continuity During the Global Crisis with DX NetOps

“DX NetOps from Broadcom helps us collect and visualize data on active remote tunnels and tunnel utilization to VPN gateways. In addition, it provides custom reports to show... Read More

Network Monitoring Blogs

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October 12, 2021

Broadcom Showcases Award-Winning Network Observability at ONUG Fall 2021

At the ONUG Fall 2021 event, we’ll be showcasing award-winning DX NetOps network monitoring software, powered by next-generation silicon and telemetry. Read Now
October 12, 2021

AIOps Summit Recap: Why Observability is Key, and How to Get There

This post offers a recap of the AIOps and Observability Virtual Summit, underscoring some of the key parallels between modern network ops and rocket science. Read Now
October 8, 2021

Facebook Outage Underscores Risks of Modern SDN Networks

This post examines how the major outage at Facebook highlights the difficulties operations teams face in managing modern, software-defined networks. Read Now
September 14, 2021

Broadcom Awarded Highest Vendor Score in EMA Radar Report For NPM

In the 2021 EMA Radar Report For Network Performance Management, Broadcom received the highest scores for vendor strength and alert and alarm management. Read Now
September 8, 2021

Painting a Complete Network Monitoring Picture: Why Context is Critical

This post reveals why, for network operations triage, teams need to harness intelligence from alarms, faults, network flows, performance data, and more. Read Now
August 31, 2021

Broadcom Delivers Industry-leading Network Monitoring Scale to Meet the Demands of the Pandemic

With the release of DX NetOps network monitoring software, Broadcom addresses evolving challenges and helps its customers meet modern networking demands. Read Now
August 11, 2021

With DX NetOps, Oil Firm Scales Remote Network Access for 60,000 Users

This post reveals how, in the wake of the pandemic’s onset, the team at an oil and gas company scaled its remote network access to support 60,000 users. Read Now
August 4, 2021

Baystate Health Employs DX NetOps to Manage Pandemic-Related Demand and Ensure 100% Network Availability

Find out how Baystate Health relied on Broadcom’s DX NetOps network monitoring software to ensure 100% network availability for its new telehealth application. Read Now
July 30, 2021

DX NetOps Network Monitoring Software Helps Reduce Noise and Increase Efficiency with New Event Filters

DX NetOps 21.2 network monitoring software continues to improve the scale, speed, and simplicity of network operations with new events filters. Read Now
July 13, 2021

What’s New In DX NetOps Spectrum Network Monitoring Software

Find out what's new in DX NetOps 21.2 network monitoring software including increased monitoring scale, telemetry support, and expanded SDN and cloud coverage. Read Now