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Srikant Noorani

Srikant Noorani is a Senior Technical Advisor within the  Customer Solution Engineering business specializing in APM, AIOps, DevOps, cloud, and container technologies space. With 20 years of experience from startups to big enterprises and was key in the delivery of one of the world's largest APM deployments, Srikant is a hands-on architect with a passion to guide the customer through their digital transformation journey.

Posts by Srikant Noorani

November 17, 2020

How to Achieve a Successful APM Deployment

A successful APM deployment is not just reliant on the technology, but also (and perhaps more importantly) the people and processes. Get the tips you need to be successful... Read Now
October 7, 2020

Tips to Monitoring Apps Deployed in a Multi-Cloud Environment with DX APM

Most enterprises today are managing multi-cloud environments which can bring about new monitoring challenges. Check out this blog for tips to overcome these challenges, and... Read Now
August 24, 2020

The Journey Towards DevOps and Shift-Left

Broadcom's Srikant Noorani discusses the benefits of incorporating a monitoring strategy early on in the release process from a customer facing specialists perspective. Read Now
July 23, 2020

OpenTracing Support with DX APM

As the popularity of OpenTracing grows there is an increasing demand for all the application performance management (APM) vendors to integrate with OpenTracing clients.... Read Now
September 23, 2021

Streamline Migration and Application Onboarding in DX APM with EasySeries

With EasySeries utilities for Broadcom’s next-generation DX APM, teams can speed migration, new application onboarding, and configuration item replication. Read Now