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    October 27, 2022

    Introducing Rally’s New Webinar Series: Best Practices to Unlock Excellence with Agile Analytics

    Discover what you can do with your Agile data

    Even if you’re in a good place with your Agile practices, there’s always room to do better. The Agile approach lives out this idea with its philosophy of “continuous improvement,” where you examine the last sprint and identify both what could have gone better and what worked. The objective is to use these learnings to make things better each time. 

    If you’re using a platform like Rally, it’s even easier to identify what’s working for you and what isn’t. Rally collects data during a sprint that can be used to create highly informed, actionable plans that help remove bottlenecks or improve the workflow, as needed.

    Finding data and interpreting it can be challenging, though, if you don’t know where to look (or what the data means). To ensure that you can make the most of your Agile data and push a strong culture of continuous improvement, the Rally team has put together a learning series on agile analytics.

    Unlocking Excellence with Agile Analytics

    The purpose of this educational series is to provide practical knowledge to prepare you for Agile releases, to align with strategic initiatives, to demystify the data, and to empower both you and your team to identify the right actions for continuous improvement.

    Let’s take a look at what you can learn in the first three parts of the learning series.

    Part 1: How to Interpret Data from Burnup/Burndown Charts

    On July 26th, Rally customer success strategists Heather Kanser and Chris Pola - who both have extensive background as Agile coaches, interpreting metrics for hundreds of companies - broke down how you can collect data from Rally to use as part of your continuous improvement cycle. Heather helped attendees understand what data they should be looking at, how they can interpret that data, and how to determine what the logical next steps are based on that data. 

    Burnup charts are often used to help track progress during a sprint, while burndown charts tell you roughly how much longer you’ll need to complete the remaining tasks. However, they can be incredibly useful tools for improvement if you know what to look for.

    During this webinar, Heather and Chris walked attendees through interpreting the data produced by burnup and burndown charts and showed examples of charts that indicate problem areas.

    Ultimately, attendees left with skills that help them identify trends and make decisions for improvement based on what they’re seeing. 


    Part 2: How to Interpret Data from Cumulative Flow Diagram Charts Using Rally - September 27 

    Cumulative flow diagrams give you a clear view of how your projects are progressing. They provide a wealth of data that helps you identify bottlenecks, so you can catch them before they become problematic. 

    In this webinar, you’ll be shown how to interpret the data provided by cumulative flow diagram charts, and what kinds of decisions you can make based on that information. 


    Part 3: How to Interpret Data for Throughput and Cycle Time Using Rally - October 4 

    Being able to interpret throughput and cycle time is a critical skill for delivery managers, Scrum Masters, and software portfolio managers, among others. The more you can make sense of the data from throughput and cycle time, the easier it is to provide strong updates to your global teams and leadership. 

    This webinar will walk you through how to prepare for agile releases and align to strategic initiatives and leadership reporting.


    Upcoming sessions

    Following the initial three sessions, we’ll be diving into:

    Part 4:  How to Interpret Data from Rally Insights Framework (Advanced Material) - November 15, 2022 @  1:00 PM ET

    Rally Insights is provided to benchmark data and get detailed, diagnostic analytics to help understand and improve software development performance. In this webinar, you will learn how to interpret the data and be able to spot warning signs. You will see examples of charts where the data is identifying different actions that need to be taken.

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Understand your teams' productivity, predictability and responsiveness
    2. Gain transparency into the quality of your programs
    3. Compare your company’s metrics with other companies that use Rally

    Rally Insights will benchmark your teams' performance against data from 13,000 active teams and 160,000 projects. Program managers, product managers, product owners, and executives benefit greatly from the metrics provided by Rally Insights.


    Part 5:  Data Driven Intelligence with the New Smart Cumulative Flow Diagram (Advanced) - December 13, 2022 @ 1:00 PM ET

    Rally's new Smart Cumulative Flow Diagram takes Agile analytics to the next level by adding pattern sensing and guidance to the Team Cumulative Flow Diagram. These new 'smart' capabilities provide insights to recurring patterns that can be challenging to detect with the naked eye. Identifying these patterns and reading through the guidance can help teams identify action items for improvement. This session will introduce the future of Rally's unique data driven intelligence approach.


    Part 6:  Applying Lessons Learned:  Using Rally Data to Improve and Prepare for Big Room Planning - January 24, 2023 @ 1:00 pm ET

    Registration will open soon

    Part 7:  Optimizing the Flow of Value: Flow Metrics - February, 2023

    Registration will open soon

    If you are interested in getting involved with other events like Rally’s Office Hours or Rally’s User Group, please find registration details here.

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    Heather Kanser

    Heather is a senior data analyst with decades of experience in creating data models to increase transparency and drive out waste through the entire Value Stream. Heather is a trusted advisor and collaborator for Broadcom’s largest customers where she creates enterprise metrics that support the customer’s business and...

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