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    June 3, 2024

    Broadcom Knights Enable Clarity Modern UX Users to Reduce Costs, Drive More Revenue

    ESD_FY24_Academy-Blog.Broadcom Knights Enable Clarity Modern UX Users to Reduce Costs, Drive More Revenue.Figure 1Earlier this year the U.S. Treasury Department reported that revenue for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is estimated to jump by as much as $561 billion over the next decade thanks to IT and customer service modernization and other Inflation Reduction Act funding measures for the tax agency. As a Broadcom Knight with a certification in Clarity, the leading strategic portfolio management solution for the enterprise, I have helped dozens of our joint customers to not only embrace IT modernization, but also reap the benefits from it.

    Today the nature of work is changing, and users want applications to be more social, more team-focused and user-friendly. Yet change isn’t always easy. For example, organizations that have been using Clarity’s Classic UI for years want to transition to Clarity’s Modern UX (MUX) but are hesitant to get out of their comfort zone. They need a compelling business case to make the transition. Fortunately, Clarity provides plenty of proven benefits for both the business and the user to make the move.  

    Making the business case for Clarity MUX

    For those business leaders considering making the move to Clarity MUX, here are five key cost-cutting factors that can help streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency:

    • Prioritize ‘day-job’ over your ‘tool-job’: Experience a 30% average reduction in time spent on the solution. Clarity’s Modern UX facilitates a seamless transition data insight using analytics, allowing teams to allocate more time to their core responsibilities, such as project management, demand prioritization, financial planning, and reporting.
    • Mobile app provides user experience push: Introduction of a user-friendly mobile app complements the Modern UX, enabling swift approvals, request submissions, timesheet management, and collaborative tasks like checklists and to-dos.
    • Out-of-the-box configuration over customization: Drive cost savings by shifting away from custom development and special reports. Embrace out-of-the-box solutions and low-code configurations. This approach minimizes OpEx costs.
    • Accessibility compliance for modern user experience (with latest release of Clarity 16.1.2, with VPAT certification): MUX brings accessibility improvements, ensuring compliance with standards that demand proper applications for users to view and access company-specific details.
    • AI-Driven efficiencies: Explore the power of Generative AI with features like Clarity Concierge. This innovative feature automates the tedious task of collecting and summarizing information for Project Status Reports.

    These five factors highlight the tangible benefits of a Modern UX transformation, emphasizing efficiency gains, improved user satisfaction, reduced development costs, enhanced accessibility, and the integration of cutting-edge AI skills for a more streamlined and cost-effective workflow.

    Driving revenue growth leveraging valuable insights and more

    In the pursuit of revenue growth, decision-makers can capitalize on the following five factors, leveraging the power of Modern UX to sustain a competitive edge in the market:

    • Timely timesheet management: Ensure a positive impact on financial activities by improving the on-time submission and approval of timesheets. Modern UX streamlines this process, influencing crucial elements such as prompt invoicing and contributing to overall revenue gains.
    • Insightful revenue indicators: It goes beyond conventional measurements by offering deeper insights into monthly benefit and revenue indicators. Leveraging widgets, the platform enhances the appreciation of business groups for the generated insights, surpassing the effectiveness of custom portlets and graphs.
    • Elevating brand awareness: In the fiercely competitive market, a company's brand is intricately tied to its outlook and technology adoption. Modernization becomes a continuous revenue-generating factor. The direct impact on the company's brand belief by investors and the outside world contributes to sustained revenue growth overall.
    • Strategic staff utilization: Modern UX enables staff reduction and enhances future planning by automating administrative and manual tasks. Personnel can be strategically reassigned to more impactful projects, aligning with organizational goals. This not only optimizes resource utilization but also contributes to efficiency, ultimately translating into revenue gains.
    • Innovative Customer Engagement: Introduce innovative ways to engage customers through Modern UX features. Leverage interactive interfaces, personalized user experiences, and advanced communication capabilities to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. A positive customer experience directly correlates with increased brand loyalty and revenue.

    Ready to make the switch to Clarity Modern UX? Remember, Broadcom Knights are here not only to help you make the transition but also the adoption of the solution for your environment. When helping our customers overcome any uncertainty, I ask myself, “How can I ensure my customers, my users, are comfortable with this transition? Do they need more training? What other resources can I provide? Not only do we have technical and domain expertise, but Broadcom Knights also have direct access to all the Broadcom solution engineers, who can serve as our advisors if needed. We are totally committed to your success – and look forward to working with you.

    In the next article, we look at quick tips and best practices for implementing Clarity MUX.

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    Nilashis Chatterjee

    Nilashis has spent over 18 years harnessing an innovative industry presence to drive brand awareness and leading geographically/culturally diverse teams around the world. He specializes in the Digital Transformation and Advisory Consulting area in Service Management, Project, Program, Product, Portfolio Service...

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