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    June 6, 2024

    Adopting Clarity Modern UX: What You Need to Know

    ESD_FY24_Academy-Blog.Broadcom Knights Enable Clarity Modern UX Users to Reduce Costs, Drive More Revenue.Figure 1In my previous blog, I shared the many business drivers to consider when making the move from Clarity’s Classic UI to the Modern UX. As a Broadcom Knight, my job is not only to provide the information needed to make that decision, but also provide a plan or roadmap to ensure the transition is successful and the user experience is exceptional. And the number of users can vary. For example, I have worked with both small organizations, with 10-20 users, as well as large organizations with more than 10,000 Clarity users.

    Based on my in-depth experience, I wanted to share valuable insights, guardrails and other practical advice that can help organizations streamline their adoption of the Clarity Modern UX strategic portfolio management solution.  

    Quick tips and best practices for migrating to Clarity Modern UX

    Before beginning the move from Clarity Classic UI to Modern UX, organizations should first use this opportunity to simplify their business processes as much as possible. Often customers have complex processes with multiple integrations and multiple stakeholders. Also, large organizations may have a lot of different personas who will be using the solution, so you should plan for all these roles. That way, once we transition, all users will feel comfortable with the new work experience.

    The good news is that Broadcom Knights can help customers streamline their processes to ensure a smooth transition to Modern UX. Below are some top-level practical tips and best practices to guide your transition from Classic UI to Modern UX:

    • Find pain points in PPM solutions: Begin by mapping typical pain points in your PPM/SPM solutions. Understanding existing challenges provides a foundation for targeted solutions during the Modern UX implementation.
    • Prioritize change management: Acknowledge the often-overlooked aspect of change management. Dedicate resources to guide teams through the transition, providing support and training. Proactive change management fosters higher adoption rates.
    • Quantify value with metrics: Develop metrics to quantify the value derived from the Modern UX transition. Track metrics such as reduced tool usage time, improved reporting efficiency and increased productivity, iterative assessment.
    • Maintain a strategic focus: Keep the broader organizational picture in mind. Name transition champions within the organization who can advocate for more benefits.
    • Centralize solutions for stakeholders: Recognize the diversity of manual solutions used by stakeholders and develop a roadmap for consolidation. A centralized solution reduces reliance on disparate tools like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, ensuring consistency and accuracy in data management.
    • Promote modern working practices: Encourage modern ways of working within the chosen solution, discouraging reliance on manual Excel manipulations. Provide training to familiarize users with the enhanced capabilities of MUX. Emphasize streamlined, automated processes and collaborative features for improved efficiency.

    In addition to the help that Broadcom Knights can provide, Broadcom offers a large number of training materials and other resources in Broadcom Software Academy if additional help is needed during the transition. That said, the user experience with the Modern UX is quite intuitive and is easy-to-understand for most customers.

    Building the roadmap for strategic portfolio management with Clarity

    As I outlined in my previous blog article, Clarity Modern UX offers significant efficiency and revenue-driving benefits. Other ways that organizations will benefit include:  

    • Unified team backlog: Clarity Modern UX acts as a catalyst for a simple intake process, offering a Unified Team Backlog seamlessly integrated with Clarity Kanban. It replaces outdated tools and processes, aligning with the common choice for End-of-Life support.
    • Automated financial insights: For financial controllers and CRM tools interested in Excel snapshots, Clarity Modern UX brings a paradigm shift in how we look at data centralization. Providing automated snapshots and generating insights directly from data.
    • Revolutionizing portfolio planning and prioritization: Clarity MUX is a robust ally for enterprises seeking liberation from PowerPoint exercises. Supporting a Unified Team Backlog with enhanced Clarity Kanban, it becomes central for portfolio planning and prioritization.
    • Objectives-driven insights for strategic leadership: Enterprises aspiring to track actionable insights using OKRs find a solution in Clarity Modern UX.

    Longtime Clarity customers understand strategic portfolio management is key to the success of any business and appreciate the value that the solution provides. For more information about how Clarity Modern UX can help your organization, visit here.

    Learn more about HCLTech Consulting Services.

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