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    August 17, 2022

    Tame the Internet with DX NetOps 22.2 Network Monitoring Software

    DX NetOps 22.2 optimizes network operations with industry-leading visibility, scale and modern network coverage beyond the network edge to quickly and easily isolate end-user experience impact of network performance issues.

    Recent research revealed that 67% of companies cite internet and cloud network paths as monitoring blind spots. Furthermore, 71% of companies say that adoption of new network technologies is delayed by inadequate network monitoring software.

    Did you know that these statistics have a significant impact on the state of network operations today?

    As you may have read in my previous blog, the pandemic has accelerated the speed of change for today’s network operations. Many analysts agree that a majority of business activities will permanently shift to the cloud and remote workers.

    What this means is that today we spend much more time accessing applications over the internet than through our own data centers. The internet has become the new enterprise network.

    But if over two thirds of enterprise companies say that they have no visibility into ISP or cloud network performance, how can they begin to manage these “unmanaged” networks?

    To tame the internet and manage the entire user experience from home wireless through residential ISP and into cloud and SaaS environments, you need access to these unmanaged networks - networks you had no visibility into before.

    Before now, that is.

    With the latest release of our network monitoring software and digital experience monitoring, Broadcom Software is proud to introduce an industry-first Experience-Driven NetOps solution, taking network visibility to the new enterprise network, expanding beyond the network edge to ISP and cloud providers. The DX NetOps 22.2 release will enable teams to operationalize the new enterprise network, focus on user experience, and avoid chasing utilization spikes.

    To ensure your success, we deliver these required capabilities:

    1. Operational awareness into user experience impact of network performance. We provide user experience and network path analytics, delivered through your standard operational workflows improving NOC triage and response.
    2. Vendor-agnostic modern network observability from pilot to deployment. We have decades of industry expertise and unified coverage of the most modern, multi-vendor network technologies in order to support today’s network transformations.
    3. High-scale monitoring and fault tolerant data collection for any network…anywhere. We enable active testing of true end-to-end network delivery and visibility beyond the edge of the enterprise network and into ISP and cloud providers.
    ESD_FY22_Academy-Blog.Tame the Internet with DX NetOps 22-2 Network Monitoring Software.Figure 1

    Figure 1: Broadcom Software is the only vendor routing user-experience metrics through standardized NOC triage workflows for teams to tame the new enterprise network.

    Let’s cover a standard network operations use case. You need unified access to user-experience metrics, along withNetOps standard operating procedures to quickly triage customer experience issues.

    How do we do it? Optimize operations.

    In the NOC, our DX NetOps network monitoring software customers have our NetOps tools that are standardized with operational workflows. They can triage up/down network issues backed by alarms, events, performance, faults, flows, logs, and configurations. This allows you to easily troubleshoot, quickly find root causes, escalate to engineers or architects, open trouble tickets, or isolate and resolve the issues themselves.

    ESD_FY22_Academy-Blog.Tame the Internet with DX NetOps 22-2 Network Monitoring Software.Figure 2

    Figure 2: DX NetOps’ network experience dashboard gives you never before seen visibility into ISP and cloud network performance for easy isolation of user experience issues.

    Routing user experience metrics through these standardized operational workflows delivers an industry-leading, modern, end-user experience/network monitoring solution and its data into an operational medium like NetOps to not only ensure reliable network delivery but an exceptional user experience.

    Broadcom Software delivers the only network monitoring software in the market that:

    • Brings events, alarms, fault, performance, flows, logs, configurations, user experience metrics, network path analytics, and active testing to the NOC.
    • Enables easy triage of the user experience in-context to network path connectivity.
    • Utilizes standard operating procedures for intelligent symptoms, probable cause, and recommended actions that takes the guesswork out of triaging complex network environments.

    See the DX NetOps 22.2 solution in action here.

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    Jeremy Rossbach

    As the Chief Technical Evangelist for NetOps by Broadcom, Jeremy is passionate about meeting with customers to identify their IT operational challenges and produce solutions that fit their business and network transformation goals. Prior to joining Broadcom, he spent over 15+ years working in IT, across both public...

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