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    May 20, 2022

    How AppNeta Drives Business Value

    While network and application performance grow increasingly business critical, IT’s ability to track and control service levels continues to be diminished. The shift to hybrid and remote work means users are now highly reliant upon public internet connections, which require additional security at the network edge. Plus, the majority of apps, internal or external, are now cloud hosted.

    AppNeta by Broadcom Software helps IT proactively track, manage, and optimize performance, no matter what apps or networks are being used. AppNeta combines active synthetic network and application monitoring with passive packet visibility. This unique blend of active and passive monitoring offers comprehensive visibility of business-critical apps and networks from the end-user perspective. Combined with the broader range of solutions from Broadcom Software, you can enhance end-user experiences, make IT more efficient, and boost the success of your enterprise’s cloud, SaaS, and internet transformations.

    Key Benefits

    • Enable business transformation and success. Gain cloud, SaaS, and internet visibility needed to advance key transformation initiatives.
    • Enhance end-user experience. Identify and address network and application performance issues, before users are affected.
    • Make IT more efficient. Resolve issues faster and meet SLAs while delivering strategic projects more predictably.
    • Track performance for work-from-anywhere users. Get actionable visibility into the performance of every application, and for every user at any location

    Business Challenges

    Driven by a range of benefits, enterprises continue to adopt cloud-based applications and networks. As a result, business-critical infrastructure and services continue to move outside of IT’s direct control. At the same time, the enterprise still holds these same teams responsible for end-user experiences, even if they’re delivered over external infrastructures and third-party apps.

    In today’s environments, traditional monitoring doesn’t provide the insights necessary to identify, isolate, and ultimately fix issues. That’s because these traditional methods only gather metrics passively, and they require teams to have ownership over monitored systems. These monitoring tools only provide visibility into a few network hops; they don’t provide end-to-end visibility of increasingly complex delivery paths. As a result, IT can’t get the visibility needed to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) or increase efficiency.

    Across every enterprise, these themes reign supreme. And with IT forced to drive efficiency and end-user experience in increasingly complex network environments, it’s essential to regain visibility into the end-to-end performance of users.

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    Alec Pinkham

    Alec is a Product Marketing Manager for the AppNeta solution at Broadcom. He spent seven years with AppNeta in the Application and Network Performance Monitoring space before joining Broadcom. Prior to AppNeta his background is in software product management in HMI/SCADA solutions for industrial automation as well as...

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