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February 1, 2022

AppNeta is Now Part of Broadcom and Will Lead Industry in Network
Visibility Anywhere

by: Tim Diep

Broadcom officially closed on the acquisition of AppNeta on Jan 31, 2022.  This marks a new beginning for AppNeta and the Broadcom network monitoring software business.  AppNeta will take the lead in our vision to enable Network Visibility Anywhere, focusing especially on operational blind spots and experience in the last mile.  We aim to ensure a quality digital experience anywhere while working, transacting, communicating, and automating.  Going forward, experience will be the beacon that guides our product development and investments.

AppNeta customers should expect the uninterrupted continuation of AppNeta’s monitoring solution.  As a pioneer in experience-driven network performance management, AppNeta products are highly regarded and have proven to deliver benefits and solve problems.  Broadcom will continue this legacy and even increase investments in its strategic roadmap. 

Some of the top roadmap areas we will focus on delivering are improving the Work From Anywhere use case with features that adapt to the environment surrounding remote workers, such as application layer 7 and data-plane awareness, as well as increasing the number of global monitoring targets in the last mile so that customers get true end-user/end-point perspectives. Additionally, we will apply anomaly detection and baselining to digital experience and path quality so that customers can proactively address imminent experience issues, along with correlating network digital experience to a business or service context. 

Broadcom plans to retain the AppNeta best practices that customers have come to appreciate, such as simplified application-based licensing, plug-&-go hardware deployment, and technical advisors to facilitate deployments and adoptions.  These practices are just as important as the product features and we intend to standardize them as part of the Broadcom processes.

In the coming weeks, Broadcom Software customers should expect to be learning more about the AppNeta solution.  As part of our ongoing Virtual Roadmap Tour, we will be sharing the benefits of AppNeta and how the solution can deliver visibility into the user experience across your organization.  In future DX NetOps releases, we will deliver NetOps-AppNeta to solve SD-WAN performance visibility gaps.  Today's SD-WAN deployments are encountering monitoring challenges that are hindering operational effectiveness. NetOps-AppNeta is positioned to provide the single-vendor one-two punch needed to visualize network performance end-to-end.  We will also enable experience-focused NOC (network operations centers) to manage experience and path data using standardized alarm, ticketing and performance workflows, alongside network elements in the same workflows.  We will enhance the zero trust experience by integrating AppNeta with SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) platforms.  These and many more are "better together" capabilities that will meet our customers' evolving needs.

On behalf of the combined network monitoring software team, we are looking forward to meeting customers and discussing AppNeta and our strategy for Network Visibility Anywhere.

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