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    May 29, 2024

    Broadcom’s Automic SaaS Solution Is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

    Broadcom gives customers the ability to purchase industry leading automation software solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace

    Broadcom is excited to announce that Automic SaaS is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, providing Google Cloud customers with access to a market-leading workload automation and service orchestration software solution via the simplified procurement and consolidated billing of Google Cloud Marketplace.

    Automic® Automation is a market-leading enterprise automation solution benefitting from over 25 years of evolution with the scale, agility, speed, and reliability required by the most demanding Fortune 100 organizations. From a single unified platform and a large catalog of integrations for cloud services, data pipeline tools, ERP solutions, and more, Automic Automation unifies automation from mainframe to microservices, simplifies workload orchestration, and boosts visibility across hybrid cloud environments.

    As the underlying cloud platform supporting Automic SaaS, Google Cloud provides a market-leading platform to support continued innovation, scalability, and performance.  Listing on Google Cloud Marketplace provides our mutual customers with a simple way to purchase and manage their Automic SaaS subscription while leveraging their Google Cloud agreement.

    Organizations that adopt a strategic approach to procurement of software solutions such as Automic SaaS through Google Cloud Marketplace can realize several benefits including billing consolidation, accelerated procurement cycles, and the ability to leverage pre-existing Google Cloud contractual spend commitments.

    "Customers depend on solutions that embrace multi-cloud environments and are easy to deploy and scale to their organizations," said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud, "Bringing Broadcom’s solution to Google Cloud Marketplace can help IT teams more easily manage complex application workloads, including capabilities that enable workload automation."

    As businesses increasingly adopt cloud services, managing complex application workflows across various cloud environments becomes critical. Google Cloud offers robust infrastructure and cloud native development services. Automic SaaS compliments these capabilities by providing enterprises with advanced automation tools to fully leverage Google Cloud’s market-leading capabilities.

    Automic SaaS, with its comprehensive automation suite, boosts Google Cloud capabilities by providing sophisticated workflow orchestration and automation capabilities.  Automic SaaS offers many integrations for Google Cloud native development tools including Cloud Composer, Cloud Data Fusion, BigQuery, and Cloud Storage with more on the way. Additionally, Automic’s Action Pack Builder allows organizations to build additional integrations once and reuse them as many times as needed in order to simplify and standardize design processes.

    In addition to supporting Google Cloud with a number of pre-built integrations, Automic SaaS unifies automation across the hybrid cloud enterprise including other cloud service providers, ERP, data pipeline, and other mission critical cloud native and on premises automation technologies. Automic SaaS capabilities are enabled by:

    • Over 100 integrations that are easily accessible through the Broadcom Automation Marketplace
    • A flexible framework for incorporating custom or emerging integrations ​​via RESTful web services with the Action Pack Builder
    • An object-oriented approach that reduces time to value and enables the reusability of solutions across different workflows

    "The combination of Automic SaaS and Google Cloud provides our joint customers with advanced automation and orchestration capabilities supported by the market-leading Google Cloud ecosystem,” said Aline Gerew, Head of Automation, Agile Operations Division, Broadcom. “The inclusion of Automic in Google Cloud Marketplace allows us to reach new customers while ensuring their experience is top notch from procurement to implementation and beyond."

    The availability of Automic on Google Cloud Marketplace makes it easier than ever for Google Cloud customers to take advantage of Automic’s market leading Automation capabilities and realize significant benefits.

    Learn more about Automic SaaS on the Broadcom Software Academy.

    See the Automic listing on Google Cloud Marketplace for more details.

    Matt Sandberg

    Matt Sandberg leads cloud and MSP partnerships at Broadcom. He has spent seven years with Broadcom, where he has worked in various strategy and GTM roles including reseller and GSI partnerships, partner programs and strategy, and special projects. Prior to Broadcom, Matt led partnerships for Katalon where he was...

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