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    December 28, 2023

    Streamlining Business Operations: Automic Automation Certified with SAP for Seamless RISE Integration

    Automic Automation has a long history of SAP certification, and we are pleased to announce our recertification of Automic Automation v21 for integration with RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud. The successfully completed certification scenario is “S/4-BC-XBP 1.0 ‒ BACKGROUND PROCESSING JOB SCHEDULING FOR SAP S/4HANA.” This certification includes these functions:

    • XBP 2.0
    • XBP 3.0
    • Works with RISE With SAP

    In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, digital transformation has become an imperative for companies seeking efficiency, agility, and growth. SAP, a global leader in enterprise software, has consistently provided innovative solutions to streamline business processes. One such advancement is the RISE with SAP offering—a comprehensive package that accelerates transformation journeys. To complement this initiative, Automic Automation is now certified as “Works with RISE with SAP.” Automic Automation integrates seamlessly with SAP to optimize operations and fuel organizational success.

    Understanding RISE with SAP

    RISE with SAP is a holistic approach designed to help businesses more easily navigate their digital transformation journeys. In a unified package, this initiative combines various elements, such as process transformation, technical migration, and application management services. This initiative empowers enterprises to adopt a more flexible, integrated, and cloud-centric approach to their operations.

    The Role of Automic Automation

    Automic Automation, a leading workload automation and orchestration solution, has garnered recognition for its compatibility and collaboration with SAP. Its certification with SAP signifies its capability to complement and enhance the functionalities offered by SAP solutions, including RISE with SAP.

    Here are key features and benefits of Automic Automation for SAP integration:

    • Seamless integration: Automic Automation seamlessly integrates with SAP landscapes, enabling businesses to automate and streamline complex workflows and processes within SAP environments.
    • Efficiency and accuracy: Automic Automation reduces manual errors and accelerates processes, boosting operational efficiency and accuracy by automating repetitive tasks and workflows.
    • Orchestration capabilities: The solution offers robust orchestration capabilities, enabling teams to coordinate tasks, data, and processes across various SAP modules and other applications within the enterprise ecosystem.
    • Wider SAP ecosystem: Beyond the core SAP offering, Automic Automation integrates with other on-premises and cloud technologies provided by SAP, such as SAP Integrated Business Planning and SAP Data Intelligence. Visit the Broadcom Automation Marketplace to download.
    • Scalability and flexibility: Automic Automation's scalability ensures it can manage varying levels of operational complexity and adapt to the changing needs of the business as it grows.
    • Cost optimization: Through automation, companies leveraging Automic Automation within their SAP environments can save costs by reducing manual intervention and optimizing resource utilization.

    Leveraging Automic Automation with RISE with SAP

    Integrating Automic Automation with RISE with SAP unlocks myriad possibilities for organizations aiming to streamline their operations and maximize the benefits of SAP's offerings. Together, these solutions enable businesses to:

    • Accelerate transformation: Automate processes involved in migration, deployment, and ongoing management, expediting the overall transformation journey enabled by RISE with SAP.
    • Enhance agility: Automation allows for swift adaptation to changing business needs, facilitating agility and responsiveness in a dynamic market environment.
    • Improve decision-making: By automating data collection and analysis processes within SAP, companies gain real-time insights, enabling informed and strategic decision making.
    • Ensure compliance and security: Automic Automation helps enforce standardized processes, ensuring compliance adherence and reinforcing security protocols within SAP environments.


    As businesses embark on digital transformation with SAP's RISE initiative, incorporating Automic Automation is pivotal. This integration fuels optimized processes, enhanced efficiencies, and accelerated innovation. By leveraging these solutions in tandem, organizations can confidently navigate their transformation journeys, achieving higher levels of productivity, agility, and success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

    The partnership between Automic Automation and SAP, particularly within the context of RISE with SAP, is a testament to the evolution and synergy of each company’s cutting-edge technologies. Through this partnership, we’re seeking to propel businesses towards a more streamlined and efficient future.

    Automic Automation customers can safely and quickly transition SAP to the cloud with RISE. Our existing solution will continue to work, with minimal or no changes to business processes.

    To learn more, visit the SAP Certified Solutions Directory.  

    Kaj Wierda

    Kaj Wierda is Senior Product Line Manager at Broadcom with responsibility for Automic Automation. He is considered a pioneer and veteran in the automation space, leading teams that created market-leading enterprise automation solutions. Kaj is based out of the Netherlands and commutes between Amsterdam and the...

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