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    February 3, 2023

    AAI's New Contextual Help and Completely Revamped Documentation

    At Broadcom, we understand that good product documentation and other content assets are essential for a smooth user experience. The information these documents contain is key to understanding our products and maximizing their value. That's why we're thrilled to share some of the continuing progress we've made in the Automic Automation Intelligence (AAI) product documentation to build up the content and improve your experience of consuming it.

    In our revamped AAI documentation, you'll find:

    • Integrated and contextual help accessible from within AAI. When working with AAI's new Web interfaces, you can get the answers to your questions without having to navigate anywhere else. We've made that possible by integrating context-focused help. When you click open the help panel, you get information that applies to where you are in the product. We've built the help panel to bring together relevant content from multiple sources such as product documentation, KB articles, education offerings, and community discussions, all in a single frame. With all content types together in one panel, you can quickly search and filter all available content and find the information you need without having to hunt through multiple platforms.
    • Revamped structure. We've restructured our documentation to make it user-centered. This means we now organize and present information based on real-life tasks that AAI users need to accomplish in order to get their jobs done. No more combing through the documentation for what you hope to find. The information is organized into clear sections according to what users need to do, making it easy to find the information you need quickly and efficiently.
    • In-depth instructions. We've added more detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions. Our goal is to give you everything you need to understand how AAI works and how to leverage it to get your job done.
    • Learner-centric approach. We've organized and presented information for different job roles to help users get to the content that is most relevant to their role and job function.
    • Quick onboarding. New product users need to know how to get started with AAI. Keeping them in mind, we have now added Welcome and Getting Started sections to help new users become productive quickly.
    • Planning and Implementation guidance. Details - like product architecture, prerequisites, business considerations, and compatibility matrix - are essential for successful planning and implementation. We now have the artifacts and detailed information to ensure you have everything you need.

    We're committed to providing our users with the best possible experience, and these improvements in our product documentation will make an immediately noticeable difference. We hope you find them helpful and welcome any feedback you may have.

    Please email us at DOC-AT.pdl@broadcom.com if you have feedback or questions.

    Shashi Ramesh

    Shashi Ramesh is a seasoned leader and expert in information engineering and learning experience. As the head of the content experience team in the Agile Operations Division at Broadcom, she has over two decades of experience crafting content strategies that align with business and user needs. She manages a team that...

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