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    June 9, 2023

    Broadcom Recognized as Outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Observability

    We are excited to share that the AIOps and Observability solution from Broadcom has earned a leader position for platform play and maturity in the GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Observability, 2023. This report reviewed solutions from 20 vendors on 13 criteria, including across such areas as innovation, understanding of emerging trends, solution capabilities and features, and deployment models. The report equips IT decision-makers with information for selecting the solution that offers the best fit for their business and use cases.

    ESD_FY23_Academy-Blog.Broadcom Recognized as Outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Observability.Figure 1

    AIOps and Observability from Broadcom

    Built upon a robust architecture, the Broadcom solution for AIOps and Observability supports organizations’ digital transformation initiatives. The solution strategy is founded on three key tenets:

    1. Platform to help multiple technologies co-exist: The solution provides comprehensive and deep monitoring coverage across mainframe, cloud, infrastructure, application, user and business services. The solution understands these monitored technologies in their native form, and normalizes, correlates, and identifies topological relationships in the context of time. These capabilities are foundational for deep cross-domain, cross-vendor diagnostics use cases.
    2. Contextual correlation to help build a “Deliver as One” culture: With the contextual correlation between monitored entities, the solution helps to reduce the mean time to identify the starting point for issues. Better insights at this stage of issue remediation encourages collaboration and facilitates automation—reducing war room finger-pointing and freeing up teams and resources to focus on innovation.
    3. Business impact analysis is the epicenter of IT monitoring: In the digital world, where every business is a software business, IT resilience is key. Early on, through our strategic design partnerships with our customers, we at Broadcom understood the importance of connecting business-relevant KPIs with IT health and performance KPIs. GigaOm describes “Operational Awareness” as the process of bringing the monitoring data across a dynamic environment together and preventing business critical problems.  And the report highlights that Operational Awareness is a key strength of our solution. By connecting business KPIs and impact analysis with operational awareness derived from IT operations data, teams can answer the questions “So what?” and “What is the impact?” 

    ESD_FY23_Academy-Blog.Broadcom Recognized as Outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Observability.Figure 2

    GigaOm evaluation criteria mirrors our solution strategy

    The GigaOm Radar report evaluation for vendors provides an extensive and a practical list of scoring criteria. These five criteria stand out:

    1. Full stack observability: Broadcom’s AIOps and Observability platform provides full stack observability of the digital experience (including mobile and web applications) and monitors cloud native architecture, hybrid infrastructure, and network services. End user monitoring and synthetic monitoring provide wide coverage and is supported in a number of ways. Broadcom’s inventory capabilities are extensive, with the ability to monitor mainframe to public cloud, although additional products may be necessary to access mainframe data.
    2. Integrated analytics engine: The platform has an integrated analytics engine that interprets cross-domain monitoring data, including metrics, alarms, inventory, topology, and relationships.
    3. Flexible deployment options: Multiple deployment options are supported. Teams can deploy the Broadcom SaaS offering hosted on the Google Cloud GKE platform, on-premises, and in an on-premises cloud-native deployment model supporting Kubernetes, OpenShift, or a hybrid model.
    4. Zero-touch monitoring agent: This technology automatically discovers cloud, microservices, and container environments, reducing work for teams while improving monitoring coverage. Dedicated platform agents are used in non-containerized or cloud environments to perform a number of tasks, including discovering infrastructure components and reporting on all minimum metrics.
    5. Cross domain diagnostics: End-to-end health and performance insights are available to provide granular analysis of the applications, infrastructure, and network components. Unique entities are correlated to show network and infrastructure performance data and analysis in a single view.

    Digital businesses achieve success with AIOps and Observability from Broadcom

    Broadcom takes pride in building and nurturing trusted-partner relationships with customers. 
    We thank our customers for their continued trust and confidence in the solution, and for their collaboration with us, which helps us envision the future and deliver success with AIOps and Observability from Broadcom.

    For more information, including success stories and case studies, visit the AIOps page on Broadcom Software Academy.

    Sheenam Gupta

    Sheenam Gupta, Product Manager for AIOps and Observability from Broadcom, works extensively with enterprise customers and prospects for solution success. Having joined Broadcom in 2016, Sheenam collaborates with customer-facing technical and business teams as well as Broadcom Solution Engineering, Development, Sales,...

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