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    Monitoring Point Fundamentals

    Learn how to install and manage AppNeta Monitoring Points and about their firewall requirements.

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    October 25, 2023
    Time to Complete
    20 minutes
    AppNeta Monitoring Point Basics

    What You Will Learn

    Intended for new admins, this course introduces fundamentals for managing your AppNeta Monitoring Points. 


    • New AppNeta administrators


    • Introduction to AppNeta
    • AppNeta: Account Administration
    • Different types of Monitoring Points
    • Pre-deployment considerations such as firewall requirements and placement in the network
    • Where to find detailed installation instructions for each model
    • How to configure and connect Physical Monitoring Points to your account
    • Available methods for managing and restricting access to physical and virtual Monitoring Points

    What You Will Earn

    Completion Criteria

    To complete this course, you must complete all content in each lesson.

    Upon completion, you will receive:

    • A certificate validating the course completion
    • The AppNeta Monitoring Point Basics badge
    • Value: 200 points

    Course Objectives

    • Differentiate between various types of Monitoring Points
    • Determine where to place a Monitoring Point in the network
    • Understand standard firewall requirements for AppNeta
    • Locate full firewall requirements in AppNeta Documentation
    • Locate detailed installation instructions for each model
    • Connect physical Monitoring Points to your organization
    • Configure a physical Monitoring Point (if not pre-configured by Broadcom)
    • Understand methods for managing and restricting access to physical and virtual Monitoring Points


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