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    AppNeta: Configure Network Monitoring

    Learn how to set up and configure network monitoring in AppNeta 17.x.

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    April 15, 2024
    Time to Complete
    90 minutes
    AppNeta Network Monitoring Setup

    Learn how to set up and configure network monitoring in AppNeta. The course was last updated to align with AppNeta SaaS version 17.6.x.

    What You Will Learn

    This course is designed for AppNeta administrators and network administrators. To get the most out of it, you should already have completed:

    • Introduction to AppNeta
    • AppNeta: Intro to Results
    • AppNeta: Account Administration
    • AppNeta Monitoring Point Fundamentals

    Topics for this course include:

    • AppNeta terminology recap
    • Plan for network monitoring
    • Network monitoring policies
    • Network alert profiles
    • AppNeta runbook template

    What You Will Earn

    Upon completion, you will receive a certificate validating the course completion and the AppNeta Network Monitoring Setup badge.

    Course Objectives

    In this course, you will learn how to:

    • Create a plan for network monitoring.
    • Create a monitoring policy to monitor network performance.
    • Create dynamic rules in a policy to automatically monitor from Monitoring Points that meet particular criteria.
    • Customize monitoring policy settings for advanced monitoring scenarios.
    • Apply custom tags to Monitoring Points, monitoring policies, and network paths to provide additional context to monitoring data.
    • Create a custom network alert profile.
    • Override monitoring policy settings for an individual network path.
    • Locate network monitoring data.
    • Download and customize the AppNeta Runbook Template as a quick reference guide for your organization.

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