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August 11, 2021

With DX NetOps, Oil Firm Scales Remote Network Access for 60,000 Users

by: Jeremy Rossbach

Like many in 2020, executives at this large oil and gas services company made the decision to have most employees work from home and to restrict all nonessential business travel in order to keep their employees safe. The company rose to this challenge at the very outset of the pandemic.

A virtual private network (VPN) is the most common and secure way to provide access to company resources and data when employees are traveling or working remotely. Like most network devices that handle traffic, there are usually limits to the number of connections that a VPN gateway can handle at any given time.

Before the pandemic declaration, the team saw a precursor of things to come when users in one country began to exceed the maximum number of connections allowed by the gateway in their region. These users then tried to connect to a different country’s VPN gateway and that too hit its capacity. This was an indicator of the potential impact to global operations and business continuity as the work-from-home model spread around the world. These events set the IT team on a course to better understand VPN performance and make capacity adjustments for a reliable user experience.

An incredible combination of teamwork and innovation allowed this company’s employees to work safely from home, minimizing their exposure while maintaining business continuity. With the help of Broadcom’s DX NetOps network monitoring software, this company’s network operations team enabled new modes of VPN operations, scaled remote network access to over 60,000 employees, and improved visibility into the health of the work-from-home experience. Additionally, carbon emissions were reduced by minimizing commuting, travel, and office infrastructure utilization. Download the case study today to understand why an IT operations manager at this major oil and gas services company said, “DX NetOps from Broadcom helps us collect and visualize data on active remote tunnels and tunnel utilization to VPN gateways. In addition, it provides custom reports to show cumulative active tunnels across all gateways.”