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    June 21, 2022

    Rego University 2022: 10 Clarity Training Sessions Highlighted

    ESD_FY22_Academy-Blog.Rego University 2022 - 10 Clarity Training Sessions Highlighted.Hero and Featured

    Rego University 2022: 10 Clarity Training Sessions Highlighted

    Broadcom is partnering with Rego Consulting to host a live Clarity and Rally Software training event in Nashville this September 11-14, 2022. 60 technical and functional classes will be offered and can be applied for Professional Development Units (PDUs).

    All sessions are led by experienced senior-level practitioners and run 50-60 minutes (unless you select an all-day or half-day training course). Sessions run during the day, leaving plenty of time to tour the famous Music City, home of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    We reviewed the class list and rounded up the 10 best training sessions for Clarity users to attend:

    1. Best Practice Use of Clarity for Resource Management

    This session will cover configuration and functionality best practices for resource management. Presenters will review out of the box (OOTB) objects, views, and functions of assignments, allocation, and other resource planning topics. Presenters will also demonstrate newly-released capabilities and provide tips for improving the user experience.

    Best for: Resources managers, capacity planners, and project managers.

    2. Clarity - Agile Integration | Bi-Modal IT

    This session is designed for those who have implemented Agile tools alongside Clarity and are struggling with how to make Clarity work best with their Agile business solutions. Course topics include best practices for implementing Agile tools with Clarity, “living in a Bi-Modal world,” and how Clarity can govern work and teams in conjunction with other software.

    Best for: Those a year or two into their Agile journey or those planning to add Agile systems alongside Clarity.

    3. Best Practice Use of Clarity for Project Management

    This training session discusses configuration and functionality best practices for project management. The class topics include OOTB objects, views, and functions of projects, financial plans, tasks, assignments, IRC, and related topics. Presenters will also cover how to configure lean and effective use of OOTB capabilities, including tips for improving user experiences.

    Best for: Project managers, program managers, team leads, and resource managers

    4. Migrating to the newUX | Best Practice and Lessons Learned

    This class is intended for those planning to transition from the Clarity classicUX to the newUX. This course is created to be a practical guide on how to move users to the newUX. Presenters will provide guidance on this strategic decision along with use cases.

    Best for: Those planning to migrate to the newUX.

    5. How Broadcom implemented Value Stream Management for ValueOps

    According to feedback from customers and industry analysts, Broadcom ValueOps has one of the most successful implementations of Value Stream Management (VSM). This session focuses on key practices and how Broadcom emerged as an industry leader.

    Best for: Those interested in learning more about Value Stream Management.

    6. Administration | Advanced

    This is an in-depth, all-day class covering advanced administrative development tasks such as Objects, Fields, Object Portlets, Basic Processes, and XOG. Presenters will demonstrate a high-level data model with the Clarity database and discuss basic NSQL portlets.

    Best for: New clarity administrators or current administrators looking to expand their skillsets.

    7. Data Model | Intermediate

    Attendees of this class will learn how to expand their data model skills beyond the basic project and resource tables. This session will discuss the Clarity data model and provide training on how to write queries to use in portlets and reports.

    Best for: Those with basic data model skills.

    8. GEL Scripts | Introduction

    This introductory Generic Execution Language (GEL) script class will teach the basics of leveraging GEL within the workflow process. This powerful and often underutilized capability in Clarity can be used to update objects, send emails, and XOGing.

    Best for: Those who have never used GEL.

    9. Clarity Housekeeping and Maintenance

    Learn how to monitor key components of the Clarity environment to help ensure processes run efficiently. Topics include monitoring processes, jobs, and financials, as well as how to identify beneficial customization improvements and manage common errors.

    Best for: Those responsible for Clarity process and performance efficiencies.

    10. PowerBI Ad Hoc | Beginner

    This class is a hands-on beginner training course for PowerBI. Topics will include how to access critical data for rich reports and dashboards, and how to build basic reports utilizing the Clarity data warehouse.

    Best for: Those who want an introduction to pulling data out of Clarity using drag and drop PowerBI – beginners to reporting.


    You can explore the full class list  on the Rego University website. Classes are available for all skill levels and the event is a good opportunity to network with others in similar roles and industries. Registration is now open with early bird pricing through the end of June!

    Register Here

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